BOUND – And Gagged

Fuck, I wanted this one to be good.


  1. びんびんごはんケーキー

    I’m kinda curious as to how the character animations are so smooth?

  2. If the gameplay of this would be more refined i would probably love this.
    Journey turned into my favorite game ever and im getting those vibes from
    this game but they didnt manage to do whatever they managed to do with
    Journey. too bad.

  3. The Channel Fadge

    the visual style looks like a lot of ‘arty’ games Ive seen. I just wish
    when they made these games they put more time into the actual gameplay. All
    them swirling lines round the character and general visual noise must make
    the platforming incredibly annoying.

  4. This game is gorgeous.

  5. HammerspaceCreature

    This game looks like a high budget french car advert.

  6. … is with the unfinished 3d models?
    i know it’s trying to go for a style, but that style shouldn’t be “polygon
    shaped shit with extremely sharp edges”.
    jesus don’t you just miss the times when game graphics actually had style
    instead of artzy bullshit visual gimmicks?

  7. Only thing I can figure about the platforms disappearing is that the times
    they do it, it looks like you’re landing directly on the cracks appearing.
    When you land away from the cracks, they stay solid. Might be what it is?

  8. watching this was like binge watching a season of orange is the new black.
    Im annoyed and im sure i hate this but i cant stop watching it…

  9. Indie game comes up with an interesting idea, butchers it with platforming
    and bad controls.

    Wot uh shurproise.

  10. way too artsy fartsy

  11. I feel like this isn’t a particularly great game, but it could have been a
    great Supergiant game.

  12. YouTube compression really struggling with this one

  13. 17:08 … so, you did some sort of safety dance?

  14. Sounds like maybe the devs were pushed to release the game, so they had to
    rush it? Whatever the circumstances, it’s a shame because I love the idea.

  15. Honestly, I think the colour scheme is really ugly. Jim complimented it a
    lot, but none of the colours go well together and it’s just a mash of
    discordant shapes. I hate it. It’s the antithesis of Abzu.

  16. Despite the game not being great, would you recommend getting it just to
    support more “artsy” games coming out, or would you recommend NOT getting
    it to rather ask for better quality?
    That’s a weird question I know >< I'm just really into the visuals and movement and I'm trying to judge what would be a good way to handle the game as a buyer.

  17. Reminds me a bit of El Shaddai, minus the combat

  18. Wow, this would of been appreciated more as a short film/animation. Which
    by the looks of it, is what these devs should consider doing instead.
    Sounds crazy, but I play games for their… well, gameplay. That’s just me

  19. The most innovative dancer I’ve played in years.

  20. “Appears to be somewhat pregnant”

  21. As the dancer runs, I imagine her making airplane noises.

  22. Missing Graphics Driver – the Game.

  23. Give her a silver sword and add a few monsters and it’s Witcher. :D

  24. Stopped at around 7:20 as I don’t want to see any more. I have to say, even
    if the mechanics are weak, I’m still going to buy this game. Journey wasn’t
    a very good game in itself but it was a good experience, and this looks to
    be the same. This just looks like my kind of thing.

  25. Love the environment animation, dont know how they did that

  26. Game looks trash. Sorry for the dislike, but I rate the content not the
    narrator. No offense mean to Jim, normally I give thumbs up.

  27. Any hope for a corrected Bound 2?

  28. It looks like an artsy tearaway minus all the paper !

  29. The background and weird black rain is so distracting… got 9 minutes in
    and the constant rippling made my eyes feel unpleasant.

  30. Dancing huh. That’s hippie talk!

  31. The main character`s mask looks a LOT like the beetle mask you win from
    that adventure game that was on PS Home, the queen reminds me of Edea from
    FF8, and I swear I saw a vespiquen?

  32. This reminds me a lot of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, strangely
    enough. I greatly enjoyed that game, though it definitely had its
    flaws(frustrating platforming being an element it seems to share with this

  33. Can’t wait for Bound 2 feat. Kanye West.

  34. Jim, Jim it is acoustically not orally. Orally is in a speaking fashion.
    Like you own your money orally. You could say your verbal talent is orally

  35. I hate when animations comes ahead of gameplay. When like a game makes you
    wait animations to finish before things actually happen.

  36. Am I the only one that has “Men Without Hats – Safety Dance” in his head
    the entire time when seeing this game?

  37. 11:58 This is how I feel about Silent Hill: The Room. That game has one of
    the most intriguing and fucked up stories in any narrative medium but the
    gameplay/combat is so obnoxious at times that it’s just not worth it.

    These are games that were MADE for “Let’s Play” videos. (Assuming you can
    find one without some douchebag screaming and making bad jokes the whole

  38. Can you do a video on how the last few years indie games have just decided
    textures are too hard and just don’t bother with them anymore? This flat
    shaded style is popping up everywhere!

  39. Skipped some boring parts? This entire video was the boring part if I’m
    honest. Game’s fault, of course. I can’t even give this game any credit for
    the aesthetics. I spent the entire time thinking “this looks like Tearaway
    except somebody sapped all the charm and character out of it”. I’d rather
    watch somebody play Tearaway than watch them play this. But then again, I
    don’t have to, because Tearaway is also a good platform game and is worth
    playing, so I can just play it myself and have fun rather than going “well
    the game sucks but it’s fun to watch so maybe I’ll just watch”.

  40. This reminds me of never alone on so many levels. The story and setting
    there were great but the platforming was annoying as a cactus in the pants

  41. This is a prime example of a game that needs to tone down its visual style.
    The whole color scheme and the added effects are just too much for me.

  42. This is beautiful. Amazing art style, incredible cinematography, a
    relatable story, very profound and abstract direction.

    This is going to rock the fine people at the Sundance Film Festival.

    What? It’s a game?!
    What purpose does this have in being a game?

  43. I might pick this one up next time I drop acid

  44. I always forget how great a game flower was. like it’s so good

  45. Richie “Ball-Lover” Marcus

    I saw the title for this video immediately after watching bondage porn.
    Jim…are you keeping tabs on what porn I watch? ‘Cause that’s hot.

  46. As a reward for completing all the visually stunning levels you get.. A
    preggo waddling around the beach.

  47. KissingZombie's Channel

    What a shame… I guess I might not buy this one :(

  48. Daniel Mårtensson

    Not a single “Men Without Hats” or “Safety Dance” reference? As a fellow
    child of the 80’s, Jim, I must express my disappointment :)

  49. I have to disagree here, I think this game looks ugly as sin, and I’m
    talking about art style not rendering. I also have a dislike of pretentious
    projects like this, all flash and no substance.. you can make a stylish
    game that’s still deep and interesting (Bioshock)..

  50. i dont get games like this. I just dont see the appeal… everyone lost
    their shit over journey, but it was boring as hell and this looks exactly
    the same.

    if there was a reason to chain different dances, flowing from one action to
    another then yeah, there would be a good base for a game.

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