YouTube Is Broken: Fortnite Season 6 Trailer Hit With Copyright Strike… From Epic Games

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We could make this a regular series, given YouTube’s tendency to be a piece of crap. Anyway, Epic Games managed to copyright strike its own trailer for the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass. Either that or a troll falsified some meager credentials to do it.

Neither situation would be new, but it speaks volumes about how trashy YouTube’s copyright situation is. It’s very trashy indeed.




  2. The video streaming equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

  3. Wouldn’t want anyone to share that trailer for a free to play game.

  4. What an ‘EPIC’ fail! (I hate myself so much)

  5. AHH YouTube…the only place where a copyright holder can copyright strike themselves. Working as intended.

  6. The irony is literally killing me. Literally, I am choking on my food hearing this.

  7. all i can think of is that picture of spiderman pointing at another spiderman

  8. Epic Games: “Can we copyright strike Epic Games?”

  9. The copyright law that we have is outdated and broken

  10. About every other week, a company called CD Baby files a copyright claim on one of my stream archive videos because of music I play during breaks. It’s from an artist I know personally who has given me permission to use her music for that purpose, including the archive videos. CD Baby has been told this by me. They’ve been told this by the artist and rights holder. Every single time. Yet you can almost set a clock to yet another of my videos getting a claim every two weeks. Oh, and YouTube itself is completely aware that I have a license to the music and that CD Baby is doing this, yet they’ve done nothing about it.

  11. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

  12. It’s times like this that you wonder why YouTube ain’t dead yet. It seems like if being a video platform is so unprofitable then the only thing keeping it going is the momentum from google

  13. Youtube: Where the burden of proof does not lay upon the lap of the accuser.

  14. Remember when Family Guy took someone’s gameplay of an NES game, and then YouTube took down the original video after it was used in Family Guy?

  15. Sadly is only going to get worse with what the EU is trying to do. Unfortunately most of the politicians trying to put all of the burden on YouTube probably don’t have YouTube channels, otherwise I’d suggest that maybe they can get a taste of what they’re trying to do.

  16. Copyright strike yourself= infinite money glitch? Genius!

  17. So YouTube is basically the worlds worst alchemy lab? Mix some random bullshit into your formula just to see what happens while not fixing the part that’s poisoning all your consumers

  18. The youtube strike system has always been broken sadly

  19. *It hurt itself in it’s confusion*

  20. Need more decentralized content services to get around shit like this. It’s not flawless either, but pushing back against megas is in everyone’s best interests.

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