Article 13 And The ‘Meme Ban’ (The Jimquisition)

Once again people with the money want to fiddle around with the Internet in a way that won’t end well for the people with less money.

The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, specifically Article 13 and Article 11, is vague, overreaching, and looks ripe for abuse. In a world where ContentID and copyright protection is already an outdated mess, this won’t make anything better.

Not for us, anyway.


  1. Corporations are the ENEMY. They should not be given an iota of trust, every contract should be looked over with a fine toothed comb, and every law they try to pass to protect their interests should be fought tooth and nail. They need to be repressed utterly.

  2. i wish people wanted to leave the EU over shit like this rather than brown people

  3. this is almost like a modern day societal dark ages, where significant forms of modern cultural expression are explicitly oppressed..

  4. Corporations: The modern threat to freedom everywhere.

  5. Step1: Make a video with a facecreationsoftware that goes trought every possible facial feature
    Step2: Copyright it.
    Step3: Upload it to YT.
    Step4: Content ID EVERYTHING. (AI can’t differentiate good enough between facial features to not Flag it)

  6. Copyright has always been about controlling the spread of culture.

  7. Can we sue the EU for breaking international copyright laws. This imperative will actually effect even the US and those across the Atlantic.

  8. You should’ve mentioned that one time when Family Guy stole footage from a guy who played an old NES game and then took down the original video for copyright infringement.

  9. I think people think too small when it comes to the potential impact of this. It would not just be the end of meme’s. Anything that could potentially be seen as containing any form of copyrighted material could be affected. Forums, chat’s, AMV’s, let’s plays, reactions, playlists, yes even wiki’s could be affected.

  10. I enjoy how many on the right act like this is a leftist/communist move when it’s one of the most capitalist things you could have for the internet

  11. Sounds like legislation made by a bunch of twats that know nothing about the internet, not do they even care. I cant even wrap my head around how bad this could get. “Hey everyone ive got a good idea! Lets revert to workers rights from the 1800s for the whole of the internet yeah ???” “Great idea fuzzy bunghole shits ! My god lets get rid of the memes!”

  12. Memes are the modern day satirical political cartoon. Memes must be highly effective at shaping public opinion if Facebook feels the need to fact check them. Memes scare legacy media and politicians because anyone can make them, and can convey a message more succinctly than a dedicated news segment.

  13. I scrolled the Article 13 term on Twitter the day it was voted for. The ONLY people tweeting support in favour of it were middle-aged/old people who mentioned ‘music publishing’ in their Twitter bios. Not only that, but they were slapping themselves on the back for successful lobbying.

    Presumably these people are involved with the random companies who claim Content ID on literally everything.

    Even some of the artists presumably signed to these music publishing companies were coming out vocally against Article 13.

    Thanks, pricks.

  14. I suggestead that ACO would make the worst games 2018 in the prevouis vid, people said it wouldn’t make it but now it seems likly

  15. Interesting Output

    Greed is the root of all evil. Big Money will not rest until all forms of entertainment is outlawed. And Article 13 is one of their aces. To all in the EU — you must get mad, but direct your anger in creative means and grill your officials into blocking this.

    (Also Jim, you f’n nailed it, as usual. Big ups.)

  16. Copyright law has always existed in a way where the wrong people get all the power and control at the expense of actual creators and users alike. My theory (conspiricy theory if you wish) is that the reason corporations are trying to control the internet is out of a desperate attempt to stay on top, because the internet and streaming and the like are rendering many of these corporations obsolete (just look at Toys R Us) and it’s only a matter of time before they go bankrupt, so they lobby for these laws that restrict the internet and how we use it to try and trick us into thinking that we still need them. They want all of the power as opposed to now where they just have most of it and if they could find a way to do it and get away with it, they would charge you for even thinking of their product that they effectively stole or conned from real creatives.

    Also, Ubisoft can go fuck themselves with a statue from one of their super special awesome ultimate premium deluxe ultra chocolatey special edition with brass clasps in association with McDonalds, Dominos Pizza and Mountain Dew.

  17. Vasilijan Nikolovski

    Corporatism, basically socialism for the rich and corporations.

  18. How does anyone expect to govern the internet… The Rules of the Internet exist purely because you can’t govern what happens on here. Good luck cracking down on R34 copyright holders. Can’t for you to tell us you own that stuff

  19. “A kind reminder that excessive #copyright protection has a tendency to proliferate around the world once it has been introduced in the EU or US.” by Julia Reda

  20. If Youtube does not punish in any way those who are making false copyright claims (as long as they do not fight those claims after 2 weeks period), why not get a bunch of channels and start copyrighting Nintendo, Disney, certain music distributors etc?

    Let them see how fun it is when their own official video on which they spend lot of time and money gets copyrighted by some random no-name for two weeks without them being able to do anything about it.

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