Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Tony Recon’s Ghost Clancy Breaklands (Jimpressions)

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This game doesn’t deserve serious critique. These open world live service looter shooter “AAA” pieces of garbage have become increasingly bothersome to talk about. So let’s get boozed up.

After filling myself with liquor, I found I could more appropriately give Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint the video it deserves. And it most certainly deserves this terrible, terrible video.


  1. >does hate open world looter shooters
    >plays it anyway instead of covering a good indie gem that could legit use the exposure

    Yep. Makes sense.

  2. “I don’t wanna play ’em any more”

    Shit dude, I didn’t wanna play ’em from the get go.

  3. Tommy LaKindaSorta

    This is the best review I’ve seen of Tony Montana’s Horse Dancing Outbreak.

  4. Joshua Berthiaume-Upham

    “Tony Clancy’s Borderlands!”

  5. Jim begins singing at the beginning of his video.
    “Oh god has he been drinking?”
    “I got officially liquored up for this game”
    “Oh okay solves that!”

  6. “Tony Hawk’s Ghost Clancy Breakdance” is a game I would play.

  7. “At lease Anthem didn’t boot me out and lose progress.”

    How long did you play Anthem? It was very common.

  8. This may be my favorite jimpression and that’s saying a lot

  9. I have the sneaky suspicion that Jim doesn’t like this game very much.

  10. “I absolutely despise Tony Hawk’s Ghost Clancy Breakdance” – If this indicates the quality of your drunken writing then by god sir, well done. I applaud your ability to intertwine words into such frivolously poetic, lyrical statements. You are an intoxicated inspiration!

  11. *Frostmoon* The Catface Idol

    “Tony Hawk’s Ghost Clancy Breakdance” sounds like a much better game. :3

  12. I'm Not Using My Real Name

    “Don’t give up, cuz you have friends” now I can rest assured and give up.

  13. New format idea: “Drunk Deconstructions of Dreary Digital Divertissements”

  14. There’s a certain extra expression in his voice that convinces me, “hmm, he could be drunk.”
    “This is not a cry for help. This is *fine.*”
    Okay, yep, drunk.

  15. “Tony Hawks fancy breakdance”

  16. Does this mean that Jim’s waking up with a hAAAngover tomorrow?

  17. Tommy LaKindaSorta

    This is the best review I’ve seen of Yancy Butler’s Ghost-Witch Brockovich: The Recon-ning.

  18. “Im more bored of this then you are bored of me sluuuuuured my speech”
    Thats where you wrong my friend, this is gold

  19. “How many have even watched to this point?”


  20. “If a game sells you time-savers, … it’s admitting it’s a bad game, because it’s admitting that there’s a monetary value on playing the game less.” – Jim Sterling, 2019.

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