Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – I Ain’t Afraid Of No Publishers (Jimpressions)

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is an interesting throwback. Not only does it hark back to an era where linear, straightforward videogames were common, its development history shines a light on publisher greed.

While I certainly have plenty to say about the game itself, I am more interested in talking about how Activision spurned this game, and what CEO Bobby Kotick said about his company’s disinterest before Atari picked the project up.


  1. oh yeah Jim, bust all over Dan Aykroyd

  2. You know it’s gonna be a good video when it starts with Jim spraying goo everywhere.

  3. I absolutely love this game, I’m a big fan of this franchise and I’ve been since I was a kid, so this game back then was a dream come true. It’s what we need more of these days: a solid, charming B game that entertains and brings you lots of fun.

  4. I came for a ghostbusters review I stayed for the entire history of Activision

  5. It’s so weird seeing a game release ‘without’ microtransactions..

  6. I started to feel bad at 6 minutes while Jim was melting the Stay Puft Guy’s face. He just looks like a child who watched his new puppy get kicked.


  7. Plot twist: Marshmallow man is Bobby kotick.

  8. This really doesn’t look like a remaster. More like a rerelease of the 2009. version.

  9. This game was just as good as Alien Isolation in 2009, that kind of tie in with serious quality which appears to be too good to be true.

  10. honestly if they had showed some restraint guitar hero could be chugging along like ubisoft’s dance game

  11. To be fair… if you were a middle aged out of shape guy with an unlicensed nuclear particle accelerator on your back … you wouldn’t get up too quickly after falling over either.

  12. Jim you fool, even saying the word Ghostbuster’s demonetizes videos, and you DARED to use several seconds of the theme?!

  13. I would take 10 “mediocre” single player linear games over 1 AAA wallet crunching grind fest “game”

  14. Why Are You Reading This

    *bustin’ makes me feel good*

  15. Winston: “He slimed me.”
    Venkman: Gives dirty look.

  16. A fun fact about this remaster is that they didn’t just increase the resolution and spruced up the textures, they went the extra mile and quadruple-distilled the original through diamonds!

  17. 0:02
    Alternative Title: *_Bustin makes me feel good!_*

  18. The scariest part of this video is realizing that this game came out ten years ago.

  19. “I just got done playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Never playing that again.”

    But why? In your video, you seemed to be absolutely in love with the game. You adored everything about it.

  20. The audio and delivery in this video makes me feel like I’m sitting in Jim’s living room on a rainy day and he’s just telling all this to me while he plays

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