Marvel’s Avengers: Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) Official Trailer – NYCC 2019

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Kamala Khan, the teenager who defends Jersey City as Ms. Marvel, joins Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, The Hulk, and Captain America in the upcoming game. She has some interesting info fo Tony Stark and the Avengers. Check out a bit of the story elements for Marvel’s Avengers game.



  1. Shaq’s hands be like

  2. Wheres my boi spider-man

  3. I’m just gonna go ahead and not wonder how her bracelet embiggened with her

  4. I wonder how many other characters could be coming to this game?

  5. Joeyjojo Jr Shabadoo

    Embiggens? Never heard that word before I move to Springfield…

  6. That’s how you know her series is coming.

  7. Those hands are gonna be memed

  8. Okay now this trailer actually got me on the hype train, let’s go!!

  9. I hope the main villain is NoobMaster69

  10. Oh this game needs some doctor strange or scarlet witch and it will be IDEAL!!!

  11. Oh wow, Luffy made it in. Awesome.

  12. I knew that girl who fell into the gas was Kamala Khan I just didn’t think she’d play a part in this yet

  13. This has renewed my lost interest in the Avengers game. Well played Crystal Dynamics.

  14. Why did this trailer look better than the original? ?

  15. Two Dogs and a Dingo

    “oh so…. No hawkeye?”
    *smashes phone*

  16. Damn this is pretty cool that Kamala’s here. Also realized she’s probably the voice that was speaking in the first Avengers teaser back in 2016

  17. She’s cool and all but I want Daredevil or Punisher in the game

  18. Bruce: This is gonna be long car ride


    This dude really said “get off my land” ? boii

  20. Because this is showing up a lot:

    1. They already said that Cap “died” in the first major trailer.

    2. I’m not buying for a second that he’s really dead.

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