The Videogame Retailers That Would Rather Kill Than Die (The Jimquisition)

GameStop has finally closed its doors during the recent health crisis, despite remaining adamant it would continue to expose its workers and customers to risk.

It’s among several videogame retailers that have fought to stay open and ignore sensible quarantine advice. Their staff have been frustrated and scared, but the CEOs don’t care. The CEOs aren’t the ones expected to handle used games without hand sanitizer.

EB Games, GameXChange, CEX, and GAME UK have been doing the same, flying under the radar as GameStop took all the heat. They’re all as bad as each other.

These are companies so desperate to stay in business, they’d risk causing sickness and even death to keep the doors open.


  1. uses the last piece of toilet paper… looks behind and sees a perfectly good shower to shit in

  2. I lost any respect I had for EB games/GameStop more then a decade ago and yet I’m still flabbergasted at the pure irresponsibility of how badly they acted during this virus.

  3. I’m a Gamestop employee, and I was planning on just quitting sometime in April/May because I’ve been with the company for 6 years and was ready to move on mutually. But now when I quit It’s just to say fuck them because of how they’ve handled this entire situation. I’ve known Gamestop has been struggling, I know they were likely going out of business soon, it’s a sinking ship. But the desperation for money that I’ve witnessed from them these last two weeks has been pathetic and I’m embarrassed to even be a part of it. They’ve broken their own Gamestop handbook rules. Have jeopardized the safety of their employees and customers. It’s time for Gamestop to just fuck off forever. Doing all this nonsense for money that isn’t even going to keep them alive into 2021.

    Also fuck the people who are so gungho and rude about their pre-orders and coming into the stores to pick them up. Along with other shit they’re probably not even gonna use once this whole thing is done. You assholes are still going to get your fucking games. They’re pre-ordered. You’ll get them when the store is open proper. If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a fucking global pandemic. There are things more important than you getting your fucking FF7 Remake or Persona 5 Royal. And if you REALLY NEED the games that badly, just buy them digitally. The amount of pricks I’ve been having to deal with the last two weeks over their fucking games is outrageous.

  4. Convenience stores: “we’re closing early due to stock and sanitation concerns.”
    Gamestop: but we’re essential.

  5. And just watch, a year from now these same executives will say “why are your numbers so much lower than last year?! You made theee times as much last March? Ww may need to close your store.

  6. At least gamers are well known as the most hygienic social group that obeys authority without question and always respects social boundaries.

  7. Gamestop: “we did nothing wrong, we’re just promoting doom eternal by being demons and killing people”

  8. Alexander Wilbur-Knight

    I fully expect to see a “under new management” sign on my local EB games after this blows over because they closed their doors several weeks before the rest of them, changing to delivery only, and they still put a stop to that a full week before anyone else did. Someone at the top isn’t going to be very happy with them.

  9. Question Your World

    Essential!? GameStop is that ex you dated years ago who still believes they have some foothold in your life. Hasn’t realized you moved on because you can get everything they have to offer with significantly less BS anywhere else.

  10. Reggie saying “What’s wrong with you?” behind a GameStop logo: Isn’t that his JOB right now?

  11. “Most of the talented people in the world will die without recognition”…… Looks off to Kevin Gilbert, the greatest singer and song writer of all time. Died with the remains of his fame stolen from him by Sheryl Crow….. Oh.

  12. I mean, Malfoy is an elitist prick, and despised wizards and witches that weren’t pureblood, so the analogy is perfect.

  13. “Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make”

    Gamestop 2020

  14. Yeesh. I work at a Casino. They’re very stubborn, and had never really closed before. And YET we closed down a week ago, before our state even demanded anyone close down. With most of us out the casino is paying our wages. Some staff are on to deep clean during the closures, and others are tasked with community services like providing food prep for children and those in need.

    When even a CASINO is voluntarily closing before businesses like GameStop are basically forced to that’s kinda nutty.

  15. Kirkhammer is my Waifu

    That whole “we’re taking this day by day, we don’t know all the answers” stuff sounds exactly like the managers at our workplace, who literally told us they’re keeping the site open until the government’s decided enough people have died for them to make us shut down.We’re at least selling chemicals which might be being used for essential stuff, but yeah it’s just so they can catch the last couple of drops of blood wrung from the stone.

  16. Meanwhile, I went to Safeway yesterday and outside of some hand wipes at the door and tape on the ground, the employees are still working full time and are offered no masks or gloves. They get a pay bonus and that’s about it which I guess would help pay for their grandparent’s potential funerals. Grocery Store and Pharmacy workers are true heroes during this outbreak.

  17. My boyfriend works for an even worse company. He works for the Dutch hardware store chain Handyman. Their corona memo read “we will not close any locations until there is a government mandated lockdown.” I don’t work.
    I can’t work. I’m disabled and have an auto immune disorder that paralyzed my stomach, crippled my pancreas, and fucked up my central nervous system. He told his bosses about my condition and how incredibly unsafe it is for me to be around someone who most likely will drag in a virus that might be deadly to me.
    Their response more or less came down to “that sounds like a _you_ problem” when they said “We can’t take the families and roommates of our employees into account at this time. We trust our employees to take proper precautions.”

    Isn’t it lovely when companies are willing to put human lives into jeopardy because it might affect their bottom line?

  18. “We use every part of the kill”

    I’ve never heard this phrase used with Jim’s context, and I’m frankly impressed.

  19. Alexander Mosello

    The minute GameStop shuts down, they’re done. They’ve been mismanaged and financially leveraged to hell and they simply don’t have the means to weather an extended period of downturn. Their leadership, obviously, knows this. They’re trying to churn through as many sales as they can before the end comes. At best the company somehow stays afloat and the incoming new leadership works miracles, an Apple ‘96 success story. At worst the current leadership and shareholders make a bit more cash/bolster their individual positions for when the company goes bankrupt and they start liquidating. If they can hang on for a couple of weeks that’s a few hundred million in sales, esp if games are booming.
    This is a microcosm of what’s happening all across the economy. Many, if not most businesses are currently set up to minimize stuff like overhead and sitting cash/inventory. They operate on just-in-time manufacturing, logistics, investment, ROI, staffing…and in recent years when stimulus money has been put up, businesses (like notably Airlines and retailers) have chosen to use that money to do stock buybacks or pay out to shareholders rather than invest internally. Tons of sectors of our economy are held together with duct tape and chewing gum while operating full tilt. They can’t survive two weeks without a cash infusion.

  20. *”Don’t go in areas with more than 10 people”*
    Gamestop should be fine I’ve never seen more than 5 people in there on a busy day including the employees.

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