Animal Crossing: New Horizons – It’s No Doom Eternal (Jimpressions)

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Mostly because I don’t respect the game enough.

I’m notoriously lacking in patience, but Animal Crossing has always had a charm to it that allowed me to tolerate its time wasting bollocks. Considering New Horizons wants you to work just to get to Animal Crossing’s usual brand of time wasting bollocks has eliminated that tolerance.

I’d rather talk about tomatoes though.


  1. Is there a TV that looks like an apple?

  2. Is this the new Doom game because it looks sick

  3. Only Jim sterling would take closer by nine inch nails and make it work for animal crossing.

  4. Came here for animal crossing, stayed for the commentary on fruit

  5. if there’s one thing sterling loves… it’s onions. and onion sanwitches.

  6. The length and repetition of this video helped me to understand Jims hatred of length and repetition.

  7. Me: Oh, I wonder what Jim has to say about Animal Crossing
    Jim: So I’ll tell you one thing I really, really like about Doom Eternal…
    <5 minutes later>
    Jim: My mom never liked tomatoes…

  8. “Dodo Airlines” Well that’s trustworthy. The airplane is probably going to go the way of the dodo.

  9. Imagine coming for a jimpression about animal crossing but getting a rant about tomatoes

  10. animal crossing new horizons is nicer, it’s more nice, doom eternal is mean and nasty, tom nook is not a parasitic capitalist he charges no interest and pays 4000 dollars for a butterfly (4% of a house) tom nook is a man of the left, a peoples hero, he’s helped me through those tough times when I got fired from the corona virus factory and I don’t appreciate you calling him a raccoon, especially because you yourself are a tomato

  11. Jim… i was not expecting you to be comparing the gaming equivalent of a zen garden and a rock concert and come away saying the rock concert is better. I mean it has a tv that looks like an apple!

  12. I zoned out and when I zoned back in Jim was telling me off for expecting tomato facts and that was a bit of a ride.

  13. So, ya’ll are just ignoring the fact that he named his character Sterling and not Chungus?

  14. In the words of Yahtzee, “Don’t start playing Animal Crossing, it doesn’t end and cannot be won”

  15. “A Nintendo second is an indeterminate amount of time that IS brief, but is always slightly longer than it needs to be” (a paraphrase from the video)

    Jim, you crystallized my thoughts about Nintendo better in that sentence than any lengthy essay ever could.

  16. “…and probably packed the beaches this weekend” Actually made me laugh out loud.

  17. Talks about how Animal crossing wastes people’s time.
    Proceeds to waste video time talking about tomatoes.
    ..I see what you did there.

  18. “A waste of time” is the absolute best, most appealing review this game could get at this exact moment in time

  19. 2 notes on the multiplayer:
    1) You are able to open your multiplayer to everyone on your friends list, thus circumventing the “Dodo code” stuff.
    2) The reason the game asks that you deliberately open your island for multiplayer is because other players are capable of affecting your island, such as chopping down all your trees.

    I do agree the system is overly convoluted, but it is for a reason.

  20. A quick note on Tomatoes:
    “Vegetable” and “Fruit” aren’t mutually exclusive, because “Vegetable” is not a botanical term. It doesn’t actually mean anything, scientifically, it’s just a word we use to group certain kinds of produce together based on what they taste like and how we use them.

    A “Fruit,” is, botanically, the fruiting part of a seed-bearing plant, but if it’s also more savory (like a vegetable) and typically used in things like salads and on pizza (like vegetables) than someone is well within their right to also be calling it a vegetable.

    They can be both. The fact that we think they can’t is just born out of the fact that we use the phrase “fruits and vegetables” to describe produce, and that there typically isn’t much of an overlap. Less “apples and oranges,” more “arts and crafts.”

    To conclude: one term is botanical, the other is colloquial. They don’t have very much to do with each other.

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