Bethesda Instantly Wrecked Doom Eternal’s DRM Because Bethesda’s Hilarious

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Doom Eternal uses Denuvo, the deeply unpopular DRM. Fans were annoyed enough that the latest Doom has such detested anti-piracy measures, but that annoyance turned to amusement after Bethesda screwed up again.

Despite paying to use the DRM, Bethesda seemingly forgot to actually use it, launching on PC with an easily shareable executable file. While rectified, the damage has been done. Doom Eternal became one of the easiest games to pirate ever, and Bethesda served it up on a platter.

Also, this is the second time Bethesda’s reportedly done this. Because Bethesda is hilarious.


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  1. By now i’m convinced there’s an inside sabotager there

  2. I’m starting to wonder if Bethesda is just a convoluted social experiment.

    I refuse to believe an actual company can be this incompetent at everything.

  3. Professor Linhardt

    Bethesda is like that kid in a porcelain shop, that breaks everything by touching a single thing

  4. The Casual Canuck

    Goddamnit Jim! I wanted the full “bethesda sucks dance.” That’s the best part of any of these bethesda videos. I’m very disappointed. But like, disappointed socially distantly.

  5. Bethesda just wants to give us all a big laugh during these dark times

  6. Why would they even bother adding denuvo back in? The file is already out, it serves no purpose now. I paid for the game and would prefer not having to deal with performance lowering BS that the PIRATES dont

  7. I love when forgets my account info and thinks its important enough that I should care to remember too

  8. it kinda sounds to me the “avarage joe” employees at bethesda stepped up their mailicious compliance game :’)

  9. I dare say that by having any game near Bethesda, they are Doomed Eternally

  10. *Ah yes, DRM when the Pirated Version runs smoother than the Legit Version*

  11. 6:22 No, Jim. That isn’t the “cracked” version being sneaked in. That the proper, original, 100% *intended* version of the game before the DRM garbage violates it!

  12. “Bethes-”


  13. Maybe they want id’s games pirated so that they can make the case for turning them into live services.

    Oh wait, this is Bethesda. That would show some sort of competence.

  14. Bethesda: They can’t crack our game if we crack it first.

  15. This is one of the reasons I give most games about a year of release before I buy them.
    Typically on sale.

    I now expect that they’ll be full of launch problems.

  16. I remember that when game developers were still releasing demo versions of their games, that occasionally the executable of the demos worked as a crack for the full game. So yeah it happens, but that Bethesda did it twice within a relatively short timeframe is really questionable.

  17. Ever heard of an expression “gentle giant”?
    Well, Bethesda is a jittery midget of AAA-industry.

  18. Bethesda could of just came out and said they did it on purpose like CD Projekt Red and got a lot of praise for it… but they specifically chose the bad PR.

  19. God if Bethesda was publicly traded their stocks wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

  20. Todd: We need DRM in our games.
    That one employee at the studio, after everyone’s left the office: “Sorry Todd, this is for the gamers….”

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