The Man From the Window

There’s a standing outside your window right now…
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  1. Tactical ideas Defense


  2. TheBritishBadger

    Mark looking sexy. 😹

  3. markipliers leg right now: 💀💀💀💀

  4. 8:25 Omg it Gigachad

  5. Probably isn’t even his own leg


  6. Turtlebacongaemz Mustard

    Hey Markiplier! I don’t know if you take requests, but maybe you could check out What Remains Of Edith Finch. It has a fantastic story and wonderful visuals but it isn’t for everyone as it isn’t a traditional “game” per se, more like one of those pop-up books (to describe it simply)

  7. 1:19 one of the best Markiplier reactions of 2022

  8. 𝖅𝖆𝖍𝖗𝖆'𝖘 𝕬𝖗𝖙

    3:04 wwhy does he sound like that yall im terrified

  9. I lost 50% of my braincells in that intro

  10. Every vid you make, it makes me laugh!

  11. bring back worlds quietest gameplay?

  12. It’s funny the bunny characters renders reminded me of Scott Cawthon’s older game Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. characters. Very charming game though!

  13. Scary game funny Mark I liked this video yes!!!!🤮😱👍😅

  14. When are you doing another fears to fathom?

  15. Marky moo moo

  16. nothing could prepare me for what walked through that door

  17. Christine Richard

    I’m gonna be honest I only watch you (not often) for your voice. It’s amazing-

  18. HE BROKE HIS LEG but nice sponser that was good il think il buy it BUT STILL HOW DO YOU NOE FEEL PAIN

  19. A horror game with furries. This is new.

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