The LEGO Batman Movie – Batcave Teaser Trailer [HD]

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In theaters 2017!

In the irreverent spirit of fun that made “The ® Movie” a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble – – stars in his own big-screen adventure. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The ’s hostile takeover, may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.


  1. Looks better than Batman V Superman

  2. I just hope Uni-Kitty makes a guest appearance in this movie.

  3. The place for Me to post stuff

    Did they just brag about Batman and Robin

  4. Anyone else get a completely different trailer for this before Batman v

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  6. Am I the only one who knew about this before this trailer came out?

  7. Lego Batman only you can redeem the negativity from BvS.

  8. This Will Be Bigger Than TacoBell’s Quesalupa !

  9. Is this for real? lol

  10. 1:16 down left : MEXICANO BATMAN !!!

  11. 1:22 is that bane in the background

  12. I thought Batman was a modest person

  13. 1:09 is that siri?

  14. I touch things on my channel! you could be one of them

  15. Wife: “How would you describe me?”
    Husband: “ABCDEFGHIJK.
    Wife: “What does that mean?”
    Husband: “Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, fashionable,
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    Wife: “Aw, thank you, but what about IJK?”
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  16. This is gonna be so much better than batman v superman

  17. Oh wait I saw Cyborg didn’t I?…

  18. wonder who voices green arrow, flash, aquaman and cyborg?

  19. when a computer is is only true friend. hahah poor batman

  20. he is so lonely ;_;

  21. Robot Chicken automatically popped in my head. Damn.

  22. tastes like JUSTICE

  23. SWEET! Looks AWESOME!!!!

  24. This is gonna be better than batman v superman

  25. Get a better batman voice actor

  26. “nobody cares about Lego Batman”
    This movie will most likely do better..

  27. “Hey puter. I’M HOME! I’m home! I’m home. I’m home. I’m home. I’m home.”

  28. i love this trailer but the one they showed in the theatre was way better.
    love it still

  29. Why is Batman still wearing his mask in his house?

  30. This movie means that batman wins in batman v superman

  31. νιятυєѕ TM

    Ew no

  32. #ReviveTheBatNipples

  33. Yay!! Then I found it coming next year XD

  34. I hope they crossover Emmet from the lego movie, since Batman was in The
    Lego Movie!

  35. come to my channel

  36. this should be cannon to the dc cinamatic universe

  37. Probably gonna be better than Batman v Superman.

  38. Trump forever! ?

  39. this batman is sort of like a socially awkward kid that tries really hard
    to look cool and everyone kinda roles with it, I love him so much

  40. Holy shit they are making another one of these the last one gave me aids
    just cause it was on earth

  41. BatmanNew52 Gaming

    Does the computer voice sound like anybody familiar?

  42. we need a Lego Deadpool movie.

  43. Better than Batman V Superman

  44. Where is emmet? I wont watch a lego movie that doesn’t involve Chris pratt

  45. I wanna take him home. So cute! ?

  46. More like Bojack Batman amirite…

  47. Slycooper The Gamer

    Dude fuck Rotten Tomatoes they gave Sharknado 80% bruh…Batman v Superman
    was not a bad movie but it was not perfect and yeah it’s flaws but overall
    it was a good movie

  48. why? and why are they doing the Christian Bale Batman voice? It’s not the
    Nolan Batman movies are relevant anymore.

    also I can’t believe this is coming to theaters yhy not just put it on
    Cartoon Network?

  49. same voice as bojack horseman?


  51. This is going to destroy Batman Vs Superman.

  52. lol i clicked on this thinking it would be stupid but it actually looks

  53. FUCK YEAH!!

  54. haha went to see Batman v superman dawn of justice and this trailer was on
    . looks so funny

  55. lol this is hilarious

  56. Starring Ben Afleck as Batman

  57. Who remembers Batman Returns? With the penguin?

  58. Could Of just watched this and left the theater. would of been a better
    movie going experience. Instead I was put thru 2.5 hours of the DCU trying
    too hard. Love Batman hated this movie. Entirely too much going on and no
    explanation or reason just loud bangs and incoherent logic…. *spoiler* at
    the end of the movie….Batman suggests fighting Doomsday in Gotham after
    he already fucked up a good portion of Metropolis… but was all kissy at
    the beginning when Supes was fucking up Metropolis fighting
    Zod???????!!!!!! Rant over.

  59. def a better option for marvel fans got that humor they need.

  60. Most accurate soundtrack.

  61. The funniest part is the very end.


  62. Margarita Mercedes

    Y 2017 Y

  63. ahaha gonna be great

  64. Superman dies in Batman V Superman

  65. angryjoe has to watch this lol

  66. Better than bvs

  67. That looks great!

  68. Well… That looks shite

  69. He better be better than Ben Aflac. Who am I kidding anyone is better than

  70. This will be the best DC movie

  71. Looks good but that god awful song is putting me off

  72. So cute lol

  73. Don’t you just hate it when someone in the comments tells people to like
    their comment if they agree to something they say

    Like if you agree

  74. Coolcid Productions

    Is this actually happening

  75. Awesome!?

  76. Enough with this lego crap. What’s next? minecraft movie?

  77. I new that the Lego movie 2 was coming 2017, but I didn’t know it was gonna
    be all about batman AWESOME!

  78. i agree

  79. It’s bad to sit in front of the microwave.

  80. yes! Lego movie was GREAT! and I love batman

  81. Awesome

  82. coming 2017 yay fucking GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Please help cat #4870 (Stumpy)
    God bless.

  84. I am going to see this

  85. Protoze by mnel 1 000 000 × dislike ode mne

  86. Why doesn’t Batman opens his mask? In Here

  87. lmao,mic drop,and yes this looks better than bvs

  88. “First try!”

  89. Elizabete Ozolina

    murgs fuuui

  90. But there a better trailer

  91. Koala Gamer 17 //KG17

    Obviously that WB got a lot of money from batman vs superman and the Lego
    movie they are obviously going to make a Lego batman movie

  92. I like this the lego movie was great and they made like 8 batman films it’s
    about time their is a batman comedy i mean a good batman comedy

  93. wait 2017!!!?!!

  94. Let’s hope it’s better than Batman v Superman

  95. The dude who’s play The Lego Batman! Are you the only good new Batman that
    we got right now! Until we could find a much better actor who can play the
    Live action Batman!

  96. Xd

  97. Chez'lene Cornwall

    I cannot let my brother see this

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