ZOMBIE GOTCHI – Imagine A Tamagotchi But Stupider

ItR;s oh so quiet…


  1. Is this a re upload?

  2. Re-upload?

  3. Re-upload?

  4. Necron ResistanceLord


  5. Now with 100% less inflicting the waiting!

  6. why the re-upload?

  7. Why the re-upload?

  8. ive got Deja vu

  9. loved my tama… but this? no. just no. tama for gameboy was best

  10. For all those asking why the reupload, it’s because he meant to cut a large
    part of the video out last time (remember he said “I’m just gonna cut here”
    and then sat in silence?)

  11. The original was like 10mins long so why the re-upload?

  12. is at least I could be cool if the game let you feed people to him… that
    be nice

  13. From twitter: “Here I am playing Zombie Gotchi (uploaded the right vid this

  14. DennisJ (The Last Methbender)

    Wat? What is thi-

    Just end my life fam, just fucking kill me

  15. second upload? shit going down.

  16. re-upload? why? what happened?

  17. Deja vu??

  18. jim just gave a zombie a sponge bath… O__O

  19. What was wrong with the original video?

  20. I made a zombie pet game thing once. In 1998, klik and play. Good times.

  21. he forgot to cut out the part of the video where the zombie was just
    sleeping and he said he would cut it out. that’s why he re-uploaded it.

  22. Princess Rainbow Dash

    Didnt I already see this one before

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