Things to Do In Hitman – Puddle Pile

this shocking episode, watch as Gavin and Geoff go on an eletricifiying killing spree. || BE PART OF THE AH CREW: || Join in on the conversation at:

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  1. damn gavin broke the game with the framerate

  2. Advanced AI people.

  3. Yuriy “Lazovets” Demenko

    So basically… the game that has its main focus on AI behaviour has the
    stupidest AI you could ever see. Modern gaming in a nutshell. But hey… at
    least its a good looking game….. oh wait.

  4. This is the Light Grenade from Mom and Dad Save the World!!!! “Pick me

  5. I’m here because of Off Topic.

  6. Best things to do they’ve done in ages. I was howling with laughter. Great
    work, Gavin.

  7. Watching it again to help Gavin win

  8. This reminds me of the porta potty story from the podcast . . . .where a
    girl dropped her phone in a porta potty and a guy went in and died . . .and
    then more people went in trying to save them

  9. This is why we have safety briefs.

  10. TBH, crashing Hitman is part of the initial training :D

  11. Reminds me of this South Park episode.

  12. d0c13dff943c5b67f411732304b6f46f

    Does that work on Sarkeesian irl?

  13. I love it XD

  14. Connor Mullen (cmullstudios)

    Fuck jeremy

  15. This, plus the Shocker Maze from GTA V would be epicly sadistic. Just NPCs
    falling off the ramps constantly, and a pile sliding down the mountainside.

    I guess the first time I noticed Gavin’s Brain was in the Survivor Lets
    Play, when he just stops being scared of Enderwolf and gets got because of
    that. Mind you, that same brain is somehow responsible for about three
    quarters of AH’s deaths in GTA V.

  16. This really feels like classic Things to Do.

  17. this reminds me of that super old claymation video where there’s a cup of
    water that tips over and fourteen people drown in it somehow

  18. le reddit

  19. OMG this game is so dump!

  20. Oh man, instant classic TTD. Good on ya, Gavvy! (Sorry the game’s a bit

  21. King Alistair of Ferelden

    Gavin killed 4 less people then died in the first Avengers movie with a

  22. haha
    hilarious ^^
    Nice a.i… :p

  23. Easley video of the week hahaha

  24. So, they want money for that wooden shit? :/ Graphics from previous Hitman,
    poor optimization, scripts etc made in one night… Whatever, we have
    famous tittle so people will spend money on it anyway. :S

  25. the funny thing is game like theses isn’t supposed to be funny.
    That’s why game like theses are “popular”. AC was funny with his faces
    model glitches

  26. I really wanted a timelapse at the end of the guards putting them all in
    body bags.

  27. Let the bodies hit the……

  28. Is it easy to say that Gavin would make the best serial killer in this

  29. Gavin is an evil genius… Relationship Goals lol

  30. Literally, the most shocking video I have ever seen..

  31. It’s like that beginning to that one Teen Wolf episode where everyone was
    getting electrocuted but people kept walking towards the water. That was
    the void!Stiles season which was the best.

  32. Lol. It’s just like the light grenade from Mom and Dad Save the World.

  33. Is this technically a genocide?

  34. wtf is that laugh at 4:56?

  35. it has been a long time since i have really laughed out loud thank you for

  36. wow shit ton of views already

  37. ps4masterrace, it just works.

  38. So, what is game night?

  39. Does this video remind you guys of another Gavin things to do – “Fire

  40. i wonder what algorithm was eating up the framerate

  41. OMG amazing.

  42. Hitman : Electric Boogaloo

  43. Reddit squad!

  44. PlumbobMillionaire

    Wow, this looks as primitive as Lucius.

  45. The heat is on, 1 milly getting closer Gavvy.

  46. He’s invented Hitman 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  47. It’s almost as bad as the AI in Metal Gear Solid :O

  48. How the fuck are people getting hyped about this game? The graphics are
    mediocre, the game-play is shit, and the AI makes a flowerpot look like
    Einstein. WTF?

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