THE CONTACT – Worst Contact


  1. Денис Черных

    I’m here only to say “WHAT A GAME WHAT A WONDERFUL GAME” and I only watched
    10 seconds of main menu

  2. Deep shit dude

  3. I’m shitting in my pantaloons in anticipation! Can’t wait to see how
    awesome this game is!

  4. My slimy hog says hi back!

  5. Tactical fast food serving action.

  6. You know a game’s good when the developers logo takes up half of the

  7. lol jim you’re the funnies I really like I love how great you are as a
    content creater

  8. liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)

    2 videos already damn, you”re on fire this morning.

  9. hey Jim how tight is Clive? Just wondering

  10. Somatic Apparition

    “Cola and meal please, no bread.” was the phrase from Air Control you were
    looking for.

  11. Cola and meal please, no bread…

  12. has promise, needs balancing

  13. Seems to be a slow and boring version of Cook, Serve, Delicious crossed
    with Hotline Miami. It’s. So. Slow. Very. Very. Slow.

  14. This is actually very interesting

  15. it looks like Prison Architect combined with a Facebook game’s UI. I don’t
    know how I feel about that

  16. so this is the so called glorious pc mustard rice?

  17. what goes into the minds of ppl when they make garbage like this ?

  18. Looks like a good concept that needs a LOT of work.

  19. “Top-down GTA.”

    So… the first two GTA’s then? Except this is… not good.

  20. Jim I Wanna Lick Your Pussy

  21. Oh look, it’s just like GTA2, only with all pesky “fun” bits removed!

  22. That title screen looks like my neighbours house lol

  23. it’s pretty loud in that prison innit

  24. A male character brazenly wearing a yellow dress! Amazing! Is this the
    diversity we were longing for?! Does that mean that anybody criticizing
    this game is a transphobe? Jim, are you a trnasphobe? Hmmmm Jim?

  25. 777 th

  26. Why’d they jack up the brightness for the title screen? O.o

  27. What the fuck are you doing up at 5am? I can’t even be considered human
    that early in the morning.

  28. Riveting Story and well crafted Plot…..

  29. Takes several hours to prepare a fast food meal for a customer.I’m thinking
    they based this on my home town.

  30. “stealth innit”

  31. Unmitigated Disaster

    Finally! A game bringing attention to the oft-criticized legal precedent of
    ‘whoever touched the body last is responsible for it’.

  32. I used to like it when you had to actually have a finished game before you
    released it.

  33. Jim those are called tank controls. That is the known nomenclature if your
    ever trying to describe them again. Early third person games like Resident
    Evil and Silent Hill were infamous for these control schemes.

    I’m sure you already new the concept, I’ve just heard you trying to
    describe awful tank controls in the past.

    Thank god the world, shitty Steam developers not withstanding, have moved
    on from tank controls. Capcom held onto them much longer than any other AAA

  34. So in this universe… The Hamburgler breaks off from mcDonalds’ entourage
    and starts his own burger empire???

  35. I came to work early so I can go home early and play Dark Souls 3.

  36. Cola and meal please, no bread

  37. I would make contact with Jim.

  38. who walks up to a counter and orders “one drink”?

  39. Jim, no pls, I’m at work.

  40. Take this, Prison Architect.

  41. If your using the mouse to turn your character, then use A & D for

  42. They shouldn’t allow alphas in early access, beta should be the cut off.

  43. Cola and meal please, no bread.

  44. those walls are built to last… you could probably fly a plane into one of
    these buildings and it would just bounce off like a ball. they must be like
    6ft thick ^^

  45. KryptixTV (Road To 100+ / Sub for Sub)

    I like how he got locked up for murder even though he has an alibi that he
    was at work from 8AM to 10PM.

    With blood testing, detectives would of easily known when the victim died.
    It’s called forensics. Even if the murder was committed after he got out,
    you can see a lot of witnesses outside that he was just walking home.

    This “game” makes no sense.

  46. No bread

  47. i’d say those were dogs, guard dogs, not rats… don’t think the police
    would care about rats running places…

  48. Peter W (Rednev444)

    Looks promising, but I’ve seen free flash games do better.

  49. Monster Hunter… The dark souls of handhelds

  50. I’m a slimy hog!

  51. That promising title screen, then suddenly those crappy in-game graphics.

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