Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer – PS4, Xbox One and PC

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From Respawn Entertainment™, the studio that brought the award-winning Titanfall™, comes Titanfall™ 2.

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Titanfall 2 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


  1. Im excited!!!!


  3. holy shit

  4. This game is only available in supply drops.

  5. Blogger Who - Gameplays e Dicas!

    That’s fantastic! Now I’m waiting for a BF5 trailer

  6. All aboard the hype-train!!!

  7. I can’t wait to play this for three weeks before never touching it again!

  8. Yes…

  9. Please tell me those are engine/in game graphics………..

  10. Geil 😀 Ich Liebe dieses Spiel 🙂 Ich freu mich schon drauf .

  11. Hope itll be better than TF1

    Also please no things like smart pistols!!

  12. who else is still playing the first Titanfall?

  13. Titanfaill 2, now available in common and rare supply drops.

  14. should I prepare for Titanfall?

  15. Wez The Over-Lord

    maybe this one will have more than 6 guns

  16. Fall of Titanfield 9: Advanced Modernfare 2


  18. Popular on YouTube - Worldwide


  19. I hope they used a different game engine for Titanfall 2.

  20. will it have zombies

  21. Save your crytokeys folks… Titanfall 2 in RARE supply drop ONLY!!!

  22. Halbwurm - Gameplay Commentary, Waffen Guides & Let´s Plays

    The Hype begins …

  23. Justin Rotge (NotsureJR)

    Titan fall cod has failed me can you not be like cod?

  24. plz dont do shit with this one (not saying titan fall was vad but could BE

  25. potato.

  26. Stormtrooper Hondo

    For ps4 too????!!!! Damn …….. Cant freakin wait

  27. Will this game survive longer than 20 minutes?

  28. Dude I thought this was flins machine from cloudy chance of meatballs

  29. Titanfall 2? I’m still waiting for Titanfall 1!

  30. Maybe this time there’ll be 6 guns to use instead of 5

  31. Loved the first. stopped playing titanfall cause of the lack of content.
    i’m exited to see what they do with this.

  32. The first game grew boring within a week. Lack of weapons, maps, and game
    modes. Shooting bots all day was not fun. This will probably be boring too.
    Save your money.

  33. Titanfall copied the mantis from Halo 4/5.

  34. OMFG. Cant wait!

  35. Love it!!!!!!! <3

  36. JiffGaming - Road to 1K SUBS

    I bet you surf faggot

  37. Featuring 64* player matches!

    *Actually 3v3 and the rest are bots.

  38. Too bad this is EA. No thanks

  39. Let’s hope EA actually puts some content in this one instead of charging
    for it as DLC…


  41. Ok I’m pre-ordering it…. What? I don’t care if the last game sucked THEY

  42. Will there be story in this one or just sword So?

  43. battle field 5 and titan fall 2 omg fuck cod

  44. TITAN FALL 2

  45. Titanfall is one of my favorite shooters ever! CoD dead! Long live

  46. What fucking idiot named it “Titanfall 2” and not “Titanfell”

  47. I wonder if they going to be lazy like cod and barely update the graphics

  48. well my friend is in the top 10 players worldwide so he will get the game
    for free.I’ll ask him to hook me up!

  49. Basementboy Gaming

    the hype train is on choo choo motherfucker

  50. Source 2? Frostbite 3? Unreal? Godfather engine? CryEngine 3,4,5?
    What engine Is????

  51. I wonder what they will add to the game then just swords.

  52. Let’s pray for an offline mission mode. A firefight, or a campaign would
    kick ass

  53. glad it’s going to be on ps4 now.

  54. HOLY CRAP!

  55. Story gonna buy it no story nope not for me

  56. Its Finally an Open Platform! And not an exclusive for the xbox one

  57. no more smart pistol – this shit destroy the game totally. noob’s weapon.
    no skills no shit!

  58. there better be a fucking paint option. you listening EA! I want a hot pink
    titan and have some pom poms so I can be a cheerleader titan!!!!!

  59. I feel like there is going to be a campaign in this one.. I am definitely

  60. Jordax The Maximum

    Can we get a actual story this time? Multiplayer is cool and all but come

  61. hope call of shit will soon die and only the masterpieces like doom
    battleborn and titanfall will rise :D

  62. PokeyJewel Gaming

    Hopefully there’s actually a campaign worth playing this time

  63. EverythingAssholePro

    What an original name

  64. source or frostbite????

  65. can definitely see how much the titan has evolved since last game

  66. advanced warfare 2 looks great

  67. Wait a month after release. Get it for $20. Then feel regret for wasting
    even that much.

  68. holy cow. . can’t wait for this


  70. Lekker South African accent the narrator is pulling

  71. metal gear solid six : swordplay

  72. I wonder if it’ll be fun. I never played the first game, is it worth it?

  73. VirtualDonutgamer

    Another shitty game. Great…

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  75. I’ve been with this game from the start. I an very excited for this game to
    come out. I told my friends I wouldn’t get back on Xbox one because there’s
    nothing new on it. I got bored, YouTube and Netflix and warframe and WoT
    was my life. I. Getting my Xbox one back now only for this game, I love
    this game I live the creators and I love everything they have done. Keep
    pushing forward! Make titanfall great, as if I wasn’t great before we see
    that now, titanfall 2 has made its way into the big leagues, one of the
    best games I have ever played in my life. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN

  76. I hope they do something different with this game.

    Black Ops 3 isn’t that great but it blew away TitanFall..

  77. haha, it says : P/S4 , X1, and P-C on the sword. guess it wont be PS

  78. More robots please.

  79. why are they doing this?…

  80. Starting the chant


  81. NOPE

  82. MIKEY in the CORNER


  83. so far this looks like a rip off of xenoblade chronicles x

  84. No….this is going to be a waste of time a bit,sure it will be good for 3
    months or so,then it will fade out like the original titanfall

  85. John Nomenclature

    Two things I would love to see in this game:
    1) An actual campaign of some sort, rather than what the first game had
    (literally just playing multiplayer matches).
    2) Better variety. There were so few weapons (both human and Titan) and
    only three classes of Titans. Expand that and I’ll definitely give it a

  86. Clicked on this video to dislike it.

  87. One week later after its released it will be dead again. Don’t get your
    hopes up!

  88. Cristopher Orellana

    I guess Xbox exclusivity didn’t work out for them ??

  89. We needed another Titanfall?

    ayy no.

  90. Don’t get so hyped now. Gameplay > Graphics

  91. Unlike the trailer, the game will be locked @30fps and 720p

  92. Game available in Black Market

  93. ….what

  94. Yaay… another good multiplayer game that will die in a short period of
    time… **cough**Titanfall (1)**cough**
    I hope it’s not gonna be the case this time.


  96. Blades ! and i want a bigger Powerfist for my Titan so i still can pummel
    others to Death, not only slicing them ^^ And a bit more Cosmetics for
    titans pls.

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