YouTube Has Changed

Hey guys! wanted to share my thoughts about the ever changing landscape of YouTube now that I’ve officially cleared 4 years on the platform. Feel free to share your own thoughts about the direction the YouTube is going! Would love to hear!


  1. Yeah, I haven’t done ads on my videos since 2007, mainly because I just
    want to make creative, funny stuff. I don’t care if they get a lot of views
    or not. I just want to make stuff people can enjoy and I enjoy making. I
    don’t want to worry about how many views or whether I’m getting enough ad
    revenue, etc.

  2. This video is a perfect example as to why I respect Markiplier more than
    any of the big Youtubers. You’re the best Mark.

  3. Point being; stop watching shit like leafy and dramaalert

  4. This was kind, thoughtful, and well said. Thank you for making this.

  5. Anthony Berlangieri

    Markiplier the guy with THE CLEAREST MIC EVER

  6. Mark, you’re just seeing this site become more commercially involved. Would
    cancer channels like those “Toy Review” ones or even Vevo even exist on a
    site where there was tight communities of people who actually got along and
    enjoyed the same works of creativity?

    Youtube used to be a more diverse Newgrounds, and now it’s most (if not
    only) open to those who can make the profit.

  7. This is definitely a video about kemestar

  8. War has changed…

    If anyone gets that reference I will love you.


  10. Sanuro The Potato

    Guys should I write a article of what he said? XD

  11. #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain

  12. Markiplier.

    I don’t like you.

    I don’t like your hair, your videos, or your fanbase.

    But goddamn. I fucking love your voice.


  13. drama alert anyone

  14. What the hell happened to your hair you look like a 12 year old emo

  15. #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain

  16. SilkSatin Paradise

    A Youtube comment

  17. #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain

    “LEEFY IS A CYB BULLIE ;(((((((((”
    This comment section is just shitty insults thrown at leafy.

  19. Does this guy have a severe mental disorder?

  20. Wesley Noseworthy

    id like to just sit down and talk to markiplier, seems like hes very down
    to earth.

  21. Here’s what he said. I’m afraid that the jig is up. I worried that I’ll be
    put in the same category as the rest of the Jew tubers, so I’m gonna lie.
    This has to be the most ironic shit I’ve seen. A sucker taking a stand on
    being a sucker. God.

  22. Respect for you man!

  23. 10:10 your at point mark make them hear it

  24. I wish I can support you with $, so that you don’t need to worry about
    money and just have fun making videos!^_^

  25. John Cena's Protein Shaker

    Lol you tube has always been about the money don’t get it twisted you are
    rich because of you tube you earn more money than real life hero’s such as
    nurses doctors firemen ect you sicken me

  26. duh, this is what happens when you monetize anything

  27. #rapemedaddy

  28. Seananners, before he got majorly popular, was my favorite Youtuber for
    several years. But I liked Adam the person. Not Adam the troll. Adam the
    person left the channel as Adam the troll became vastly more popular. Thus
    I havn’t watched Seananners in like 2 years.

  29. :>>>>>>>

  30. we all love you markymoo

  31. Loving that hair brah

  32. ოἶმ ეhმῆ

    I love seeing Markiplier laugh. It’s heart breaking to see anything else
    but joy from him. I wish he could just constantly be happy but sadly it’s
    humanly impossible.

  33. Damn when did Rufio start uploading videos to YouTube

  34. Youtube is about music, how to (insert something here), and watching others
    play the scary games (like Five Nights At Freddies) that we (the viewers)
    are too scared play. But the biggest thing about Youtube is that it is for
    procrastination at work and home.

  35. Thank you for closed-captioning this video!

  36. Last time i saw a Marki vid i was still in high school and he had short
    dark hair, why the red version of justin bieb’s hair Marki?

  37. Youtube being shaped by content we enjoy? Wrong. There is no limit to
    people publishing rubbish on youtube.

    You giving what people want, so technically whoring yourself out in a less
    sexual manner. You are a robot (or slave) to your viewers. That is sad, but
    if that is what you enjoy who am I to really care? Let people stifle your

  38. This video 100 percent about keemstar, leafy etc…. The fall of Toby made
    Mark go ohhh shit that might happen to me one day. Even Pewd took a shot at
    Keemstar the other day

  39. Applesauce Cranberry

    Instead of #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain

    We should go with #BanKeemstar

  40. Gtfo my recommended videos.

  41. Why are you such a tool

  42. Youtube should create like “Creative Video of the Week” or something like
    that. Youtube would be more exciting.

  43. people are definitely noticing the change in YouTube’s attitude

  44. kys

  45. you have a fabulous voice!

  46. a video he isnt crying in

  47. Todd Miley Presents

    this dudes mic is on fleek

  48. !hug markiplier (sorry just had to do it)

  49. Jacksepticeye Jr.


  50. Explained perfectly, thank you Mark.

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