The Chernobyl Liquidators

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The untold story of the Liquidators of Chernobyl is a truly terrifying experience!
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  1. I highly recommend the Chernobyl series Mark was referencing, it’s amazing and really sheds a light on what went on during the event. Amazing game and such a strange thing radiation is.

  2. Every day I hear your voice when I’m about to wake up.

  3. Please play ‘tin can’

  4. “Every second is automatically saved. All actions and decisions are permanent.” Kinda like life. Also another Soviet horror game

  5. The place mark walked into and he was “What? What?” I think that might be one of the reactors! (And when he was saying he was going down)

  6. I just like how I looked in the description of the video and the video game it says fnaf 💀

  7. Anyone else play this game before mark did?

  8. The only thing that would have made this scarier is if there HAD been a monster, only you never saw it in full, you only caught glimpses of it moving.

  9. Hey Mark, great video. Could you please consider doing a video of the Gargantuan Levi in Subnautica? I think the video would be in the Trillions of views.

  10. You should play made of sker

  11. Black Swords Man Gaming

    “Ahh look at the baby”

    Baby Giggles adorably

    “Now look at the big baby”


  12. When Mark says, “The cat killed me” had me dying 😆😆

  13. Mark your forgetting one thing there might be monsters Becuase workers said they saw stuff like, aileans, cats with wings, giant bats etc. Becuase of Hallucinations cuase by the radiation

  14. twinbros13 gaming

    Spooky at least your not in the gulag

  15. There’s an amazing book called Chornobyl Prayer by Svetlana Alexievich. It’s made out of monologues of people who were on the station in the first days after explosion, and their relatives and loved ones. It’s very hard to read, but it really makes you understand the scale of this tragedy on every level.

  16. Game : “Extreme care and patience is advised. ”

    Mark : ” *I’M GONNA GUN ITTTT* “

  17. Stacey Mitchell

    The three player options are actually the real 3 divers who actually did this heroic deed

  18. Aki Kirvesmäki

    You should really play Chernobylite! It is a good atmospheric horrorish game about located in chernobyl.

  19. wasnt mr bobinsky from coraline a liquidator?

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