Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™: Mutants in Manhattan Announce Trailer

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Battle alongside your brothers through the sewers, subways, and streets of NYC to take down and Krang’s evil organization, Foot by Foot. Unleash custom combat skills and powerful team combos to save Manhattan from the overwhelming dark forces growing in the shadows.

For more information, visit http://www.tmntmutantsinmanhattan.com, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tmntmutantsinmanhattan/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/TMNTMiM)


  1. Frederick Jizzbottom

    “Ahh, shellshock!!”

  2. Loving that comic book style art for the game. A+ for me ?

  3. Shredder must be a playable character in some game mode

  4. Could this be the first decent TMNT game since the classic arcade game in
    the early 90s?!

  5. World applause!

  6. Open world or nah?

  7. How cute, they are still making games for the PlayStation 2.

  8. Yasmin Chowdhory গানটা অনেক ভালোলাগে

    good ?????

  9. Strange feeling when game trailer for turtles is more hype than these movie
    trailers these days..

  10. Okay, this looks awesome! I hope the game itself is just better made than
    well, any Turtles game made before. They’ve all been worse than the other.

  11. I’m not a TMNT fan, but this game looks amazing, Platinum haven’t lost
    their touch.

  12. just imagine all those unlockables and all those DLCs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Movie +
    videogame this year!!!!! :D

  13. Looks very promising

  14. The Ooze is leaking from my penis. Is that okay?

  15. I didn’t think the Xbox 360 and PS3 can handle these graphics

  16. This looks like it might have what it takes to be the first really good
    TMNT game since the 16 bit Konami era. If anyone can do it, Platinum can,
    it ain’t just a name.

  17. might sound dumb but I’m hoping I’ll be able to play as casey jones sadly
    he will probably be just a cameo…..

  18. Xbox 360 baby!!! Wooohooooo!!!

  19. This just looks fkin awesome .. Let’s just see sone more gameplay

  20. I’m hoping for a Multiplayer mode like Anarchy Reigns with Splitscreen not
    excluded this time!

  21. no fucking way i’m getting this on the playstation or xbox !!! Pc all the

  22. i was thinking this looks good,but than i saw from Platinum Games so i know
    things were getting serious
    Game of the Year!EVERY YEAR!

  23. reymart christian Cruz

    I never got the chance to play the ps2 tmnt game in 2005 that my friend
    have! Because i can’t find the game! But this will do i am excited to get
    it on my Xbox 360, i hope movie skins is there as a bonus unlock when you
    beat the game! Super glad this one have co op something they forgot to put
    in that transformers devastation game.

  24. Last gen garbage

  25. I’m very approving of the direction this is going in.

  26. who composed the music ?

  27. I didn’t see any Nickelodeon logos so it might be a good one, even the
    second movie looks promising

  28. 4-Player Local Multiplayer or go home, Activision!

  29. If they say Booyakasha or other shit like that instead of COWABUNGA I will
    find myself some Activision higher ups and punch them right into their dumb

  30. Im gonna need someone to change my pants

  31. So hyped right now

  32. …….holy shit……

  33. This better not suck.

  34. говнецом попахивает)

  35. Please add local multiplayer for the PC version, with support for several
    controllers! It would add true value to a platform where local multiplayer
    is often forgotten.

    This is Bill.

    Bill doesn’t make hurried PC ports for games.

    Bill likes turtles.

    Bill is smart!

    Be like Bill.

  36. Can’t wait for this
    The shark is from Season 4

  37. Mediocre, the city looks bland and barren as fuck > where is the supposed
    “resemblance” to the badass Mirage comic art style? because all I see is a
    shitty mix between the 1986 and the 2003 cartoon.(fuck even April IS 90%
    2003 show resembled)Only Shredder resembles a little to his mirage
    counterpart, the rest looked awful and kiddie as hell…the cel shaded is
    well done, but again, the art style is trash and the city is lifeless and
    bland.I think we have another TMNT: Out of the Shadows bullshit in our
    hands ladies and gentlemen, by the powers invested me I pronounce this as a
    EPIC FAIL.This session is adjourned.

  38. Turtle Gear Rising: Revengeance

    And that’s looking like a GOOD thing considering I loved that game and how
    it played. PlatinumGames nearly always knocks it out of the park, can’t

  39. I’m gettin it

  40. why does every trailer for everything have to have the same cuts, dramatic
    one line quotes and violin music? Its a Ninja Turtles game, why can’t you
    just make it look fun?


  42. finally a return to the eighties style?

  43. take my money!

  44. Doesn’t look great. But I’m probably gonna buy it.

  45. Not especially a fan of Clover / Platinum – I’m expecting a hastily
    developed & derivative character-action game – but being as it’s a
    comics-based Turtles game, I’m hoping they’ll surprise me.

  46. Radical!

  47. Based on the TMNT IDW comic book and being developed by a company that’s
    done some of my favorite video games to date like Bayonetta and Wonderful
    101? I’m in!!!

  48. damn this looks good!! 4 player co-op here i come!!!

  49. too bad they dont look like Dave Rapoza’s version of turtles

  50. Curtis Connors (The Lizard)

    Looks like this game will have tons of DLC because it’s an Activision game.

  51. Please stop making shitty ass ninja turtle games thankyou

  52. First this game died for me when i read Activi$ion, but the gameplay looked
    surprisingly good and then i saw the name Platinum Games at the end, and
    that explained why the gameplay look so good.

    It´s Platinum Games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Hopefully they will also include skills from different eras of the TMNT

  54. I’ll be surprised f this isn’t absolute shit

  55. now can this actually be good for once?

  56. Hot Buttery Biscuits

    Platinum you beasts. I LOVE YOU.

  57. I hope summer come faster…april is hot

  58. KroenfallGameChannel

    I hope they will be as brutal as the comics

  59. I can’t WAIT for this game to be extremely short, no content, no local
    co-op and priced at $60!

    The hype is real! in ACTIVISION we trust <3


  61. Is this like the ps2 ones?

  62. Apart from The Legend of Korra, all PlatinumGames are good.

  63. This looks fire!

  64. It’d be awesome if these guys were to make a Power Rangers game aswell,
    with the same art style!

  65. Did Michael Bay direct this trailer?

  66. It looks decent, but it’s not Hyperstone Heist.

  67. Crap. Pure, unadulterated crap.

  68. can this new TMNT game be for the 3ds Cause i dont have a console

  69. Sold.

  70. I love the Jet Set radio style art work

  71. not that it matters to me but at the end it shows its also for old
    gen……… lol i wonder if its going to look as bad a bo3 did for old gen

  72. I saw the video few days ago and didn’t click, i was thinking it the
    movie…… i wish it was these video look like TMNT

  73. DAT graphics tho ΠΠΠΠ
    (- ∆ -)
    < ( ) >
    / who is tired of copy paste .let your imagination flow

  74. is this going to follow the same type of Gameplay as Transformers
    Devastation or follow like a platform storyboard player? looks
    awrsome…..their hasn’t been a good TMNT game since the awesome arcade
    game from years back if it followed that kinda gameplay it would be a sure
    fire winner.

  75. BEST VR GAMES 2016 (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Gear VR)

    CAWABUNGA dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  77. So how many of you guys watched this more than once?

  78. Looks way better than the movies :3

  79. The graphics look kinda cool but I’m betting you that the gameplay will

  80. The graphics look kinda cool but I’m betting you that the gameplay will

  81. ps2 grafics in 2016

  82. finally!

  83. This will be on machinimas top ten let down games of the year

  84. i like the art style. i would actually like to see how this game turns out.

  85. TMNT have Sharingan min 1:23 😀 xD

  86. 1:19 quieres pene?

  87. Its too bad Platinum can’t make good games anymore, which is crazy since
    they are also making every game right now.

  88. I’m already interested but if this is free roam it’s a definite buy!

  89. la cumbia!

  90. turtle power

  91. Aww shit activision, you know there will be some kind of micro transactions

  92. This Looks Like Borderlands

  93. Awesome..

  94. 變成忍者龜對戰鯊魚俠了~TMNT~V.S~Street sharks

  95. Still wish Rocksteady had done the Turtles game

  96. slice and dice

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