LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game – Announce Teaser Trailer

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The blockbuster film Star Wars: comes to life in LEGO video game form June 28, 2016. Check out the announce teaser trailer and pre-order today!

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  1. ‫ف ف فلاح‬‎


  2. Thanks lego xbox 360 and ps3 should last for some more years, but both
    company gave up them.
    thanks for continuing their awesome life.

  3. this will be amazing!

  4. That was epic in every proportion possible.

  5. anyone else realised the sand castle was jabbas palace?

  6. I must buy this!

  7. I really hope they keep the tradition of the other Lego Star Wars games and
    stay silent.

  8. omg great

  9. I better be able to play as TR8R


  11. Because this Lego haven’t be on Wii???

  12. if nines is in the game i buy it

  13. Yes! The best Lego game franchise returns!

  14. Remembering old times

  15. Whoooooootttiiiitttttty

  16. PS4 ^_^

  17. Есть русские?

  18. Iam The happyst kid on The World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????

  19. J.J. Abrams is working on that! Look at 1:26 (LENS FLARE)

  20. 00:32 got me ALREADY XDDDD

  21. well……….this was unexpected

  22. This game will probably have a gameplay that is less 5 hours.

  23. they need to remake lego star wars episodes 1-6 with clone wars and rebels.

  24. is there another word instead of HYPE??!!


  26. £30 for VII
    The same for VIII
    and for IX
    £90? the old games were one game per trilogy :'(

  27. IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T BREATH!! Help. Me. Calm. Down, plz! IM SO

  28. how much is it

  29. *choir starts singing aleulia*

  30. Elizabeth Scrimgeour


  31. omg I wonder how the hub will be

  32. Is this the first LEGO game based on a Disney film?

  33. I felt it — when I awakened and stepped on a Lego toy barefoot in the

  34. Statement:amazing that there is another Star Wars game and let me guess
    it’s out next year


  36. So exited! Gonna record for sure!

  37. I’m very happy to see this because there was no Lego Star Wars game for a
    long time (what I dont understand because there would be Rebels and the New
    Seasons of Clone Wars) and I couldnt wait until the new trilogy is finished

  38. MultiAwesomenessman

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this year’s November 10th.

  39. now I am really really happy

  40. Your Name Is What I say It Is

    For those asking if these are in-game graphics, if you have a PS4, simply
    go to PS Store and search for the game and look at the screenshots. They’re
    all taken from direct gameplay, and I think there’s 10 or so screenshots.
    From the little I can tell, the gameplay matches these cinematics the same,
    if not slightly less crisp. The game somehow looks really good for a being
    a LEGO game.

  41. those background graphics tho

  42. PLZ make the TRATOR!!!! stormtrooper a playable character

  43. How can 207 people dislike this video?

  44. I hope the deaths like actually happen and don’t just walk away and stuff
    like the other games it should be like the first one with the deaths

  45. TheRandomGamer (TRGames founder)

    is this dlc for the (un)complete saga?

  46. FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. If you have voice acting I will kill someone.

  48. I don’t really like the Lego Games. But this was a pretty funny Trailer,
    good job. XD

  49. can you go into the millennium falcon like you can go into the T.A.R.D.S.
    in LEGO Dimensions

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