Screaming_Face.JPG | The Callisto Protocol – Part 4

Hey wait a minute… I think they copied thumbnail face!

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  1. Dayana Villa_XxCam01

    another great Markiplier quote that basically summarize my whole existence.

  2. It actually runs on UE4

  3. The thumbnail looks like he is having a screaming competition with the aliens, very mark like 🤣

  4. Im not mad…

    Just disappointed

  5. episode 7 of asking mark to be my friend

  6. It’s dead space lol

  7. the fact that even though its the fourth episode lixian is still adding in the grunts every time mark stomps is amazing

  8. Mark, do you remeber House pixelated horror game? It has more story (chapter-2) now

  9. The way Mark says tutorials I love it

  10. So many things trust my tryptophobia in this game but the enemy at 18:19 was so fucking gross 😭😭

  11. 2:53 doink

  12. Me watching Mark because Cory never uploads

  13. 29:16 AHAHA

  14. More subnautica

  15. It said you’re next

  16. It’s really refreshing how much Mark is enjoying this game. It got a lot of bad rap when it first came out and its not a perfect game by any means, but I find the combat fascinating and different once out of the tutorial phase. Maybe it’s *too* dead space to be considered something to stand outside of the Dead space shadow, but as a game so far, I’ve only watched mark’s playthrough and I’m really glad he’s having such a fun time. He’s definitely making for an enjoyable experience with the game!


  18. Callistos checkpoint system is really weird. It never puts you where you actually saved the game. Its always further back from where you actually saved.

  19. Yeah, Mark, the Callisto Protocol is a clean copy of Dead Space. Dis is true. XD

  20. the guard sounded. just like mark…..

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