Terroriser’s HEIGHT revealed – GMOD

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Friends in Video:

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC
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  1. LoneStarWolf Entertainment

    I literally had to do a fucking double take at that thumbnail.

  2. 9:49 Those short Models makes it even funnier 😀

  3. 500yearsofdeath Blackni

    Terroriser lost his Mario mushroom

  4. meowscles (uwu cat)

    Delirious play among us hide-and-seek new mode please

  5. 5:10 how the hell did that made me jump

  6. little Terrorizer reminded me of the baby Terminator from Robot Chicken lol

  7. benjamin lännström

    Props to brian for braking stigma!

  8. ok im going to be totally honest and say that this was the funniest video that ive seen, delirious. No joke, i was laughing the whole time. But i want to confess that i haven’t been watching your videos for a while now, though ive been a fan for like at least 7 years, and its because, for the past months, the thumbnails…mann… they have been deterring me from clicking ( I never believed that they actually held power before), maybe its the art style that makes it look very… stiff i would say, or maybe it forces waayyyy too much on pushing vanoss into it (not to say using him as clickbait is the sole problem but it comes off as…uh.. i dont want to say desperate… but it is something i notice because of how forced it is). and especially the titles bro. they just come off as weird, or so basic like it is trying to appeal to toddlers that are trying to learn how to read. I want you to know that I loved your content, your channel, and i still do. but that is the reason for making this comment, it pains me to see the loss of interest many people have had in recent videos. (sorry for making this sound weird, cringy, or maybe kinda of obsessive, just had to get it off my chest in the hopes that you might acknowledge my concerns)

    now im going to go hide from embarrassment

  9. Lui is back what!!😮😮

  10. I swear this video title changed like 3 times😂

  11. Okay, listen… that soundtrack gave me so much anxiety that I’ve resorted to watching *Higglytown Heroes* theories of all things. I’m not even ashamed to admit it.

  12. Imagine how many fans have seen/walked past delirious in real life….and had no clue😂

  13. Ohhhh a dunkey cameo ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Yo I miss this I remember back in like 2016 my brother watched you guys and it was so funny ❤

  15. PraTap The Anime Fan

    It’s an very good scary map

  16. Terroriser height AHAHA!!!!

  17. what is this map called

  18. 9:35 I love when Brian shows his true colors

  19. The house looks like the one from the game Visage

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