Remake Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 includes a Full Gameplay Review and Campaign Story Chapter 5 of RE4 Remake 2023 Single Player Story Campaign for PlayStation 5, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. This Resident Evil 4 Remake Story Campaign Walkthrough will include the Full Game PS5 in Performance Mode. My Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023) Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign. This Resident Evil 4 Remake Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Reaction, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, Soundtrack, OST, Speedrun, Puzzles, Main Quests, Side Quests, Medallions, Charms, PlayStation 5 Gameplay, Single Player and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story! Thanks Capcom for giving me the Full Game of RE4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. It is a remake of the 2005 game Resident Evil 4 available on PlayStation 5, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC on March 24, 2023.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a survival horror third-person shooter game developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 and published by Capcom. It was originally released for the GameCube in 2005. Players control U.S. government special agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. president's daughter Ashley Graham in a rural part of Spain.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Characters include: Leon Scott Kenneddy, Ada Wong, , Ashley Graham, Jack Krauser, Ramon Salazar, Osmund Saddler, Luis Serra, Ingrid Hunnigan, Bitores Mendez and the Merchant.


  1. 4:50 tf those arms are hella powerful

  2. The Havok Haidar Channel

    Ashley walks normally like no signs of threat…and you are crouching all the time…what’s going on?

  3. The Havok Haidar Channel

    You didn’t boost Ashley in the first right house on the left…

  4. I am sorry… let me just… simp for Leon…

  5. Red 9 I found in the boat in the middle of the lake on that wrecked ship.

  6. This Ashley is a lot better than the old one

  7. You missed the Free Red 9 in the middle of the lake in the small island.

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  9. Brad u can find the red9 in the lake that boat u jumped on has it

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  11. Reagan Shields 28


  12. Is he playing it on standard or hardcore?

  13. Sell the Handgun then buy the Red9 brad

  14. Hey Brad, try to shoot the Molotov or the dynamite when the enemy is throwing it. It will cause it to explode and save you some bullets. Love your videos.

  15. Man protect ashly

  16. 31:35 Ashley actually saves Leo xd

  17. Fingers crossed for a Dino Crisis remake.

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