GTA5 Online – Hippie Meal & Bubble Daryl

Use my Epic Games Creator Code *H2ODelirious*

Friends in the Video:
@VanossGaming @KingLuiCalibre @Terroriser

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

#H2ODelirious #Delirious


  1. We live for the delirious army

  2. first it was mormons, then it was milk men, I think they were right the first time

  3. “I don’t that” that’s another one going in the books *sips coffee*

  4. Great clip but would have been better if you had nogla instead of vanoss
    At least he shut the fuck up for the majority of it

  5. this episode of SouthPark is hilarious

  6. Best watch out for those “Hippos”

  7. This was the best mission because I got over 1m and a 3m car

  8. Pineapples Fr be fire

  9. brian doesn’t like vegans
    I like him even more now

  10. This was great. I laughed so much thank you

  11. Lui need to check his ears. Even the subtitles don’t even think it’s funny any more.

  12. I like Jon’s/Delirious content

    Sorry if you don’t want me to say your name delirious

  13. Delirious killed by Hippos!

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