PS5 Pre-Ordering Is A Stupid Disaster

The PlayStation 5 is proving difficult to order, and neither Sony nor retailers have helped. Pre-orders were meant to go live on Thursday, September 17th. Instead, they just sorta went live whenever, and the result has been anarchic.

Because in the so-called “AAA” industry is ever simple, customers simply trying to reserve a console have been confused with weird lockouts, surprise listings, and Sony’s failure to communicate information.

Just another day in games!


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  1. These companies probably love watching everyone freak out about not being able to give them hundreds of dollars for something there WILL be more of if people just had a little patience.

  2. *I’m not buying a PS5 for at least 18 months. Its just not worth the hassle and any technical hiccups.* Much like games in general, not buying at launch is the only safe and sensible option for so many reasons.

    Plus, the world is freaking ending anyway, so I’ll need all the money I can get for the food riots or whatever.

  3. I love when pro wrestling leaks into jim sterling videos.

  4. I’m old enough to remember console launches as far back as the PS2…folks, relax. This fake FOMO hype is bog standard for system launches and there will be plenty to go around eventually. It’s usually year 2 of a console life cycle when it has a library justifying the price anyways.

  5. Wait for the used consoles lol, still plenty of ps4 games to finish playing

  6. I’ll be staying away from this console generation, so I’m just here to have a front row seat for the shit show. So far, it’s been worth the price of admission!

  7. But… I was able to preorder a place in a queue to maybe possible get one in 2020 lol 😆

  8. Those stock footages never fails to make me laugh.

  9. “It will be out this year!”
    *procrastinates doing anything or giving any information until the last possible moment*
    Ah yes, the “assignment is due tomorrow” approach, that always ends well.

  10. Just want to say Jim, YouTube actually let’s me know every time you upload, so the bell icon is working on my end haha.

  11. Fun fact, I was checking the preorders of PS5 in one of the biggest tech retailers in South Korea to see how likely one were to get it if they reserved in advance. They had a total of….365 PS5 consoles allocated for preorders…for the country of 60 million….in the biggest tech retailer the country has. There were a total of 10 tech stores allowing the preorders and even if each of them had something similar that’s still 4000 consoles for the entire country that’s literally all gamers. Good job Sony

  12. I decided to skip early adoption this gen, feels like the right move so far.

  13. The game industry has so thoroughly damaged their credibility, that I have a really hard time believing that all this is a “mistake”.

  14. Well we just saw the opposite of having a set date and time (RTX 3080) and the bots grabbing up all the product, at least with PS5, real people had an actual chance.

  15. Long story short: Scalpers.

  16. I will wait patiently for the console to release. Then I will buy it.

  17. “PS5 Pre-Ordering Is A Stupid Disaster”
    “Pre-Ordering Is AAA Stupid”

  18. Sony PS5 Pre-Order: “A disaster”

    Nvidia 3080 launch: “Hold my beer”

  19. Still waiting for Sony’s mail to tell me when the PS5’s pre-order will start.



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