PlayStation 5 Showcase Reaction Garbage (OMGH)

Sony did a PlayStation 5 showcase where they revealed some information before letting Geoff Keighley tweet important news that they couldn’t be bothered to tell us.

Anyway, let’s react to trailers, including ones for Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy XVI, and Resident Evil Village.

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  1. Daddy Thresh please hook me up

    “Warning : some content might be inappropriate for children”
    One can only hope they’re talking about predatory monetization

  2. Sylvester Stogether

    Surprised they didn’t show Skyrim, to be frank. It’s gotta be a matter of time, right?

  3. You doing ok there, lately, Jim? Got me a bit worried at the start with all that death talk. Hoping you get your sleeping in order, best wishes.

  4. Saul Castillo-Saenz

    I was shocked to see another trailer for Oddworld Soulstorm and am now even more hyped for this game than before!

  5. It killed any enthusiasm for me in getting a PS5. £70 game prices in the UK. The two exclusives I was interested in coming to PS4. I think I’ll wait.

  6. ‘Eaten by bird’ is the traditional method of corpse disposal for Zoroastrians.

  7. I thought Journey was really well done with the multiplayer aspect similar to what you described in Demons Souls

  8. Splatoon: Brutal edition.

  9. Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy

    0:37 Egor Sterling, Jims cooperate nemesis

  10. “Not just for horror games, but for all resident evil games!” -Jim Effin Sterling, 2020

  11. Pretty Hair Nonsense. Brought to you by “Creative Business Unit III”

  12. the price was exactly what I was expecting, that’s very strange.

    It is amusing that they were smart enough not to go down the “599 US dollars” route though.

  13. I “cares” about the disc drive!

  14. “Mr Humphries are you free?” So camp.

  15. 16:40 Yaaaaaawwwwwn. Nyam nyam nyam…

    At least the other games looked decent.

  16. “One Man, One Jar” a quote I never thought I would hear on YouTube even from JS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. : Bethesda doesn’t tend to screw things up when they’re the publisher.

    : Don’t call it too early, Jim.

  18. Sees Lorne Lanning: reacts like he’s a witch in a forest
    Sees a literal witch in a forest: “oooh she’s so happy”

  19. “I don’t really have anything to say about this except to dump on Activision.”

    That’s fine by me.

  20. “If you like Call of Duty, then you will like Call of Duty.” Jim Sterling, king of the Tautology Club.

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