WWE 2K Battlegrounds – A Trash Game For A Trash Brand (Jimpressions)

2K has another bad wrestling videogame to ruin your day, but this time it’s of cartoons! Following last year’s disastrous 2K20, WWE is back with 2K Battlegrounds.

And it’s rubbish.

Limited, repetitive, and stuffed with a grinding microtransaction economy, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is worth playing only if you love WWE but aren’t too fond of yourself.


  1. When it comes to WWE, there’s worse. There’s always worse.
    There’s WWE Champions, where you could spend up to 50k dollars trying to get 3D pixels.

  2. It’s ok, I’m sure DSP will still pump money into it like he did the mobile game lmao here comes round 2 of the debt

  3. Hearing Jim criticism and algrations about WWE is a huge eye opener as someone who knows nothing about Wrestling

    (Part of me wishes there was a Jim Strenling of the animation world, as like Wresting, more mainstream folks gotta learn about the problems of our niches )

  4. random *idk what to put in this*

    The wwe characters in King of Fighters all stars looks better than this

  5. Looks like a Celebrity Death Match bootleg.

  6. This looks like some random wrestling game that then had wwe applied to it.

  7. Developer 1: So what is our allocated budget for this game?
    Developer 2: About $5 and a sunhat.
    Developer 1: And 2K expects to make how much from this game’s sales?
    Developer 2: Uh, about $800,000,000,000. Oh, in the first week.

    *Developer 1 facepalms in dismay*

    Developer 1: Ugh, I should have gone into adult entertainment like I planned.

  8. If they put a currency in there to skip the grind, the grind mind you THEY THEMSELVES PUT IN THERE, then they have utterly failed as game developers.

  9. I love hearing Jim say;
    ” Dub OH You Dub OH You Eee.”

  10. Seeing Andre the Giant in this game, smiling away, just makes me wish he would rip my head off.

  11. The wrestlers drop into the ring from Lootboxes

  12. The developer traced a fan photo of Tessa Blanchard for an image on the tutorial screen… Tessa Blanchard isn’t part of the WWE and they didn’t ask the photographer if they could use his work. It’s being patched out, but that’s the most entertainment I will ever get from this game.

  13. Jim’s a goddamn legend. The WWE threatened to sue him, so he stuck up a proud third-finger salute and became a wrestler.

  14. I’m not sure why, but I suspect Jim doesn’t like this game…

  15. So people expected all-stars 2 but got “generic arcade wrestling experience” instead.

  16. The art style is WEIRD. They all look like they’ve got dwarfism

  17. Sarasaland Subserviant

    “Worth playing only if you love WWE and aren’t too fond of yourself.”
    Jim is the opposite
    “He loves himself and isn’t too fond of WWE.”

  18. It feels like this would’ve been the PERFECT game to simply ignore gender restrictions with. It’s already a cartoony game that drops realism in the dumpster, so who cares? Have fun with it and make the most of this opportunity before the series returns to simulation style. But nope, Vince gotta Vince and that’s never gonna happen.

  19. the thing is that intergender wrestling is not only a commun thing in wrestling, it’s a thing on figthing games. Nobody bites an eye about chun li figthing ken. There are even dudes on skull girls.

  20. Wait…they have seperated gendered wrestling divisions in this cartoony over-the-top wrestling game where characters are leaping 20 feet into the air to do suplexes?

    As someone who knows nothing about wrestling, this just seems weird.

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