Paper Mario: The Origami King – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The Paper Mario series arrives on Nintendo Switch with an origami twist! What evil paper shenanigans does the Origami King have planned? Find out when Paper Mario: The Origami King releases on July 17!

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  1. Me: just waking up

    Nintendo, out of nowhere: *hey.. you heard of paper mario right?*

  2. Either this game is gonna be a breath of fresh air for Paper Mario, or it’s just gonna fall *flat.*

  3. Everyone: Bring back partners and the traditional battle system

    Nintendo:F̸͕͙̈́͌ ̶͍̐̿ͅÕ̸̫ ̸̟̅Ḷ̴̮̎ ̴̨̝͌D̵̳̑

    • @Double A’s Workshop While I disagree with Perter Mario’s overall opinion. He is right about there not being partners in the way that we would like them. Most likely they won’t participate in battle, they’ll just tag along with story stuff.

    • Double A's Workshop

      @David Laba like i said. I dunno how exactly that works. Lol. We’ll find out i guess. But i believe we’ll have partners affect the battle system in some form, maybe not the traditional way exactly. Otherwise recruiting these characters are kinda pointless

    • @Double A’s Workshop so essentially it seems that they will be guests. They’ll tag along with you for a short time then leave you

    • Double A's Workshop

      @David Laba is this confirmed? I don’t really mind this format if they affect the battle system in unique ways :v

    • @Double A’s Workshop it’s on the official website so pretty confirmed

  4. Peach: Will you crease yourself and be reborn like me?
    Mario: *Yes*

    _credits roll_

  5. Teasing us with that Metroid shoutout at the end lol

  6. Honestly pretty hyped for this despite my friends giving negative thoughts about it at first glance. Never got to play Color Splash, but hopefully I’ll get my hands on this game.

  7. Damn… Still just over a month until Nintendo takes my money. Again.

  8. “Is he… battling something?” Me: Yes, he’s battling the 40 year wait for Metroid Prime 4

  9. Fun fact: A new Paper Mario game has been coming out once every 4 years, in average.

    • @Mariusz Cabak murmure



    • Ммй

    • Snowyman Gaming bad battle system? maybe for slow gamers. Even though the traditional turn based combat was forgiving on mediocre gamers, Super Paper Mario’s real-time combat offered more tactical gameplay for seasoned gamers by removing the turn-based limitations.

    • @Matt Cello The hero we need.

    • @AJ M I’ll have to stop you right there, a turn-based RPG is actually based completely on tactics, a real time one usually requires more of the reflexes and physical abilities of the player with the controller.
      Two different concepts.

  10. I have a feeling this game won’t be…


  11. “Will you crease yourself and be reborn, like me?”


    And then, all hope was lost, For Mario, it was…

    ………THE END…….

  12. Illuminati Studios

    I love how Nintendo’s practically done making Bowser a big bad, now he’s literally a joke who occasionally kidnaps Peach and then just plays Mario Kart with Mario.

    • @DarkShadic 9632 No, in Odyssey Bowser wasn’t intimidating, remember when he and Mario were sad in the moon? But he was scary (As a kid) in Galaxy, he was really serious. I haven’t play Suneshine or 64 so i don’t know if he was intimidating or a funny character in those games.

    • @PatsandSox95 c.

    • @Noah Mamet 15 years ago, paper mario tyd was the game that was out, Bowser was not the antagonist in that game.

    • Bowser and Mario are working for rival companies, but in reality they are next door neighbors always inviting eachother over to party👌🏼

      It’s like if you worked for Coke and you buddy worked for Pepsi. can’t hate on them, they are just trying to make a living. LOL

    • For the rpg games he was always pretty discriminated against as being the final boss. People (myself included) prefer new final bosses for the rpg games. I do not think he will quit being a final boss in the main series Mario Bros. games. Him as comedy relief in the rpg games, is how I prefer him.

  13. From the creators of “It’s not melee”, comes a whole new experience…

    “It’s not thousand year door”

  14. Thanos: I am inevitable
    Bob-omb: well, I’m Bob-OMB

  15. Whether this game ends up good or bad, everyone can agree that this games graphics be lookin like a *SNACK*

  16. Poor Mario, even he’s waiting for Metroid Prime 4.

  17. The music gives off Thousand Year Door and Super vibes

  18. Nathan McQuarrie

    01:42 Me leaving the house when quarantine is over

  19. I thought this would be a holiday release, but we’re getting it in two months. Nice!

  20. Hypergod Productions

    Seeing Paper Mario with stretchy arms makes me want to say this:


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