Unreal Engine 5 PS5 Demo – Epic Tries To Get Real (OMGH)

A big ol’ Unreal Engine 5 tech demo has been turning heads like it does every time Unreal Engine has a big ol’ demo showcasing graphics that 99% of games will never achieve. Nevertheless, it does look nice.

While not an actual videogame that will be playable, the demo is running on a PlayStation 5. It’s not necessarily what games will look like when they aren’t highly optimized interactive tech demos, but it shows off the machine’s basic power quite well.

Always with the photorealism though. I understand why, but it’s always the first to look totally dated when new advances are made.

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  1. NotBrandon Paul

    I’d imagine character models are more difficult to make look as detailed as the environments because we are crazy good at recognizing detail in faces. So until we can basically just make someone look real, it’s going to look off. And even if the games don’t look as good this demo, the fact the PS5 can render something like this in real time should give us an idea for how far software is coming along. Personally, I’m really excited for better animations. A lot of really cool work is being done in that realm.

  2. Sarah Cockerton

    I’m glad they’re embracing light more, the light in this particular video is gorgeous and ‘feels warm’ when outside in the sun and manages to seem very real, you know? Unfortunately my gut instinct when I see demos and ‘gameplay trailers’ is that the games/game being displayed will never live up to the preview. Creates bitterness right from the get go.

  3. Talking about “moody lighting” by Capcom, 2012’s Dragon’s Dogma managed this beautifully.

  4. Alejandro Schulz

    There is no life rendering, no plants, trees, grass, all death. When they do a next-gen Horizon like demo ill be impress

  5. Finally they can make the sequel to The Order: 1886.

  6. It reminds me of the Anthem “Demo”

  7. Old School Gamer

    I hope Sony do a similar demo showcasing what the Decima Engine is capable of next generation, because let’s be honest as controversial as Death Stranding was that game looked phenomenal and so did Horizon Zero Dawn.

    I would love to see what that engine can do with The PS5 because the majority of Sony’s first party will use Decima.

    I’m also wondering whether they may also rename that to Decima 2.0

  8. I don’t care about how detailed locations are. Don’t fps drop everytime there’s an explosion. Don’t fps drop when there’s more than 5 entities on screen.

  9. I was literally thinking the exact same thing about dude plastic hair.

  10. I loved the comment about his hair being too shiny and solid. Haha good one Jim.

  11. Let’s bet on how many gens it’ll take them to get hair physics right

  12. NotAVeryGoodNickname

    However Bethesda is going to make next five games on both Fallout and Elder Scrolls series in the same damn creation engine.

  13. Now do a Paper Mario: The Origami King reaction .

  14. I cant wait to see how bright and colorful those lootboxes and season pass screens will look😀

  15. Fun fact: Jim Sterling has been dead for 7 months. All the videos since have been made using unreal engine 5.

  16. Finally… The “Horrid Spider” asset can truly have its potential realised.

  17. “Developers have been lying about graphics for decades ”
    Pfft you’re just jealous because you don’t have blast processing.

  18. I remember the Unreal 3 and 4 demos, and each time it took the entire length of the generation for games to actually look like how those engines were demoed. In fact most U4 games still don’t look like how U4 was first shown off.
    Show me a Musou game running on this. Show me a fighting game that absolutely can not move from 60fps. Show me a big vista with detail, a huge cityscape; not just a flat desert. Show me what a GTA game looks and runs like. Then show me how much the gameplay can actually be expanded with this power. Show me how much better the games would be if this power was spent on _detailed_ draw distance and AI cycles, rather than how many polygons a pebble has. And show me a game with lighting _style_ and not just a slavish recreation of sunlight. Resident Evil (1) Remake HD is still the best-looking video game money can buy simply by virtue of having such stylish direction and photography. I’m certainly with Jim that a game like Viva Pinata also shows off graphical prowess better than a bunch of sand and rocks.

  19. hey, it’s Assassins Raider: Fallen Jedi – The Uncharted Series!

  20. Jim: “this demo isn’t real”

    Don’t you mean this demo is UNREAL?

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