Xbox RESPONDS To PS5 Gameplay Graphics | “INCREDIBLE” PlayStation 5 Unreal Engine 5 Demo

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Dont say i didn’t warn you..


  1. Dealer keep the videos cranking out bro. 🔥🔥🎮🎮

  2. SLUMP IN Da BUILding

    The big brain dealer out here knows what he is talking about, this demo is not fully optimized

  3. Lumen is definitely the best alternative to Ray tracing!
    Dynamic res, VRS (although not confirmed) and upscaling tech makes 4k obsolete.

    • Hmm, I’ve been reading people screaming “Fake 4K!” for years now (ignoring the significant benefits for marginal compromise) while I thought higher efficiency techniques like reconstruction or temporal injection were just the early days of what was to come. Nothing I’ve seen has suggested I was wrong yet.

    • Joshua September

      Well best next thing. The lighting does look really good and realistic tho

    • Joshua September Yes that’s a major milestone that makes development way easier and looks amazing.
      IMO a way more viable technic compared to full hardware accelerated RT.

    • AKSBSU I was one of them because back in the days the upscaling tech was not there and would make texture look muddy and the whole render a little blurry. But now with these dynamic res and VRS/DLSS like tech it really does the job well. I guess we could even get good results out of 1080p.

    • I was thinking this gonna make it possible to get a 4K display now and still get those frames in games 😉

  4. It has been confirmed that Unreal 4 projects can be easily upgraded to use Unreal 5. This was not possible between Unreal 3 to 4. This is a big deal for all cross-gen games still in development with Unreal 4.

  5. When was the last time a unreal engine demo did not look good for that gen?..Everytime Wows everyone…i need to see games..

  6. Saltine 772Life

    DEALER Unreal engine 5 is BC all MS have to do is forward any game being made on Unreal4 to Unreal 5 when it launches

    • @Rinku Multani Yeah pc will always be better than consoles in every way. Even if the Ps5 and Series X are somehow better than Pc at launch, eventually you will be able to get alot better specs on pc than the series x and ps5, especially mid-gen.

    • Venting to myself ridiculous. They just said it can run on rtx 2070. And xsx is better than 2080 super and has nvme pcie 4 ssd capable of nearly 5gb/sec compressed. Epic said it will run on all next gen consoles

    • Will Rivera ridiculous a ´weak’ ssd capable of 4,8gb/sec read compressed and constant speed. You just are ridiculous

    • @Venting to myself you know the Xbox one Series X SSD is larger and faster than the PS5 one right ? Stop being a dumb fanboy.

    • Moreover SSD’s will never be a bottleneck to a graphics card as the read speed of even a basic SSD is multiple times quicker than even the max amount for memory on a top graphics card. So much BS comments on this section about an SSD bottlenecking..

  7. This was a sick, sick demo! Even more so We’re getting to film level fidelity and visuals in games. This is a huge deal. Shows gaming is legit becoming more mature. I dig it the most.

    • @Dr. Ponyo I speak English just fine, fuckstick. Visuallh speaking games will be closer to films in many ways. Films are over a century old. Games can now at least keep up with that aesthetic, visually. Which should probably bring in more gamers aa the experiences next gen will feel quite different than what we’ve had.


    • WolfPackAlpha2025

      Marty Mc Hopefully. Big AAA dev companies are pretty trend hoppy so they’ll probably just make something in the most popular genre. I feel like once smaller and more passionate devs can get a hold of UE5 we’ll start seeing some truly amazing games come out.

      Tbh I wouldn’t be WAY too surprised if CDPR remade Cyberpunk in UE5 a few years down the line maybe with some bonus content or something. Though that’s a really big wish.

    • WolfPackAlpha2025

      Dr. Ponyo What are you even talking about bro? I’m not trying to be rude or anything I’m just genuinely confused. Nothing was mentioned about consoles or PC. The original comment is all about the engine and the impact it could have on gaming across the board.

      Yes, with this engine gaming will become more mature. That meaning, the base standard of quality will become higher.

    • Marty same

  8. For a company that doesn’t view Sony as much competition anymore, compared to amazon and google. Microsoft/Xbox sure likes to respond to anything Sony does. Did the same with the PS controller reveal. While Playstation is just doing their own thing.


      Sony always responds to anything Xbox has done. Been that way since 2013 or have u not been watching?

    • ANIME HEAVEN X23 they responded every time because Microsoft was a joke this gen and was basically free bragging rights, right now, neither company has screwed up in the same calibre as Xbox 2013

    • @giants9833 sorry thats for the Touch-Screen Interface

    • Purple Angry Zmurf

      Another dumbass comment that couldnt be more wrong. Microsoft doesnt “respond/react” to shit especially Sony. All.these fake videos and clickbait articles are spreading alot of misinformation. Playstation is the own that has been on the clapback end for the past year constantly trying to keep up with xbox

    • Purple Angry Zmurf

      @Da Ru facts prove you wrong sorry to say

  9. Stephen Anderson

    I’ve been looking forward to how you react to the PS5

    • This demo is not a PS5 showcase. But I have to admit it’s tactically a smart move by Sony to let people think that would be the case.

    • Gerald Jeffcoat

      @DON 666 they followed that up with the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay and while it looked great, I would say some of the games Xbox showed from 3rd party would give it a run for its money graphics wise.

    • girls react. men act.

    • @Techstorm2065 we really have no info on either s performance other then a ok at best measuring system (Tflops) so no one should claim it will 100% look better

    • @Techstorm2065 it won’t look better

  10. Ganes Rian Rangga

    I’m gonna buy PS5 & XsX. They’re both amazing consoles and have different approach in marketing but they will deliver stunning graphic to the gamer.

  11. Sometimes it’s better to be standing on the outside looking in.. You can just relax and enjoy the view and what a awesome view it is !!!!!!!

  12. Dealer, so in situations where it comes to moving fast through a vast world, does the PS5 have a significant advantage due to the speed of the SSD?

    • @JamesDom Bruh, you sippin that weakstation kool-aid too hard 😂🤣
      My advice is to 🤫🤐

    • @JamesDom I don’t why anyone would buy a 2080ti with 1545mhz boost clock when the cheaper 2080 super with 1815mhz boost clock is better according to you.

    • Who tf cares!! Buy whichever console you like and then get over it. I’m buying a ps5 for no other reason then I’ve been using PlayStation since the ps2 and I’m used to the controller now. If it it were the other way around I would buy the Xbox. You guys are gay fighting about which console is better. Either way your giving your money to a Fortune 500 company that in the end gives little fucks about you and just wants ur money. Grow up buttercups.

    • @Napster6 Your is possessive… You’re using it wrong.

      You bring up some good points, but this shit is childish and all parties. Both will play games, both will sell. Get what you want and stop bitching like school children. This shit is ridiculous.

    • I’m sure it’s going to be nice but as ue5 is not available to make games with until 2021 and then it’s going to take time for games devs to get to grips with your not going to rly see any games running on ur5 till I’d say year 3 mim

  13. people need to calm down a bit, both consoles will be great at the end of the day

    • I’m just going to buy both and be happy 😊

    • Your statement doesnt mean anything. Disliked.

    • The fact that people, and young inexperienced ignorant kids, can’t realise that both consoles are great on their own, there’s no “this one is better”; at the end of the day you won’t get Last of Us 2 on Xbox and you won’t get Halo Infinite or Gears of War on PlayStation.
      At one point you gotta wake up and remember ure not getting paid to defend these consoles, lmao. Are we arguing just to argue, just to find something to fight about? Hilarious.

    • Techstorm2065
      In terms of power. Yes. Xbox will be more powerful but not anything noticeable. Graphic differences won’t be noticeable. However PS5 loading speed will be much faster. That’s nice but all I really care about are the exclusives and the controller. Everyone knows PlayStation exclusives are better. And everyone is split between the controller. not sure about Xbox, but I know third party companies make Xbox like controllers for the PlayStation. I like the duel shock 4. Not a big fan of the new duel shock 5 controller though. It’s too Xboxy (bulky and round) for me. I like a sharp rigid controller with larger handle bars. Not stubby handle bars.

    • @Doppel Sauger Xbox garbage

  14. Both systems are gonna kick azz ,why does it ALWAYS have to be “the one” you choose is better ..Grow up and game on !

    • Chris C. But people literally bully others for having a different console. It’s cringy, considering they pretty much cost the same and pc looks down on both as inferior.

    • @Ben Gnaden , am Xbox fan can definitely brag about having a most evolutionary rumble system in their controllers, which make possible to know when to shift without resorting only to listening or reading the HUD while playing a racing game. Anyway, you state PS fans are right are, about what and based on what you can argue that?

    • @anthous nou I think we will never see Sony marketing its platform as the “other possible option”. These guys were fed with statements like “1080p makes you a better gamer” due to Xbox One presenting 900p games (even though Forza5 and 6 were beautiful 1080p presentations). Like you, I do believe die hard costumes have thought deep inside, but they are having hard time to bring them up from the pit.

    • @Humberto Souza Forza Horizon 3 is my GOAT car racing game. Although the F1 on gamepass is pretty mind blowing.

    • It helps relieve that buyer’s remorse for spending nearly $1000 for video games

  15. I think Phil means they’re going to use Unreal Engine 5 in the future. Hellblade II has likely been in development long before Unreal 5 was revealed to developers.

    • Michael Rosario

      Very true, but it’s Epic says that developement on UE4 is scalable to UE5 seaming easily. Hellblade won’t be an XSX launch title, already confirmed to be exclusive to next gen so nothing holding them back with the one X. By the time UE5 is released, I’m sure HB 2 will take advantage of those bells and whistles. ( Actaully a number of the original epic team members that developed the O.G unreal engine now work for MS studios)

    • Gerald Jeffcoat

      @Michael Rosario Is it possible for Microsoft to pay Epic for early access to the Unreal Engine 5?

    • Michael Rosario that’s awesome, I didn’t know that but makes sense since Epic made the original Gears of War games. I’m sure a lot of them wanted to continue working on the newer ones. Either way as far as which engine is used I’m sure the game will look amazing either way. I like my games looking and performing as well as they can in an affordable range, so I’ll probably get the Series X shortly after release. I’m really excited or this gen since Microsoft’s stepping up their game. The more competitive Microsoft and Sony are, the better quality the games.

  16. Leevi Heiskanen

    I like how Microsoft is not being toxic to Sony or viceversa

    Unlike fanboys, who have a war over which blastic box is better

    • I’m tired of the console war fanboy shit.

    • Leevi Heiskanen

      @[insert Name Here] It is to console gaming

    • Leevi Heiskanen

      @David Summers Me too

    • [insert Name Here]

      And to those morons saying ” X b o X I- i s j – J u St a S m 0 l P c ” you’re wrong in every way. The only way that is true is if you consider the Microsoft brand tied to PC that renders xbox obsolete. Xbox is not platform agnostic, is non modular in regard to hardware, the hardware will depreciate badly versus PC over a generation and the list of backwards compatible games is laughable due to licensing red tape that makes it hard to port games, however, because titles have been published on the same platform for over a decade, I can easily have access to games from as early as 2010 in my steam library and some more. All that argument boils down to is a few obscure cult classic on the OG xbox that can be emulated. Who cares?

      Finally, you save so much money on games you don’t have to purchase so many times over. Take Bioshock remaster being free on steam if you alredy pruchased the game. And then, you may consider the whole not having to buy old games twice thing when you consider backwards compatibility if you didn’t keep the game discs. There’s also the issue the value proposition not being diminishing returns over 7 years considering how long PC graphics hold strong (e.g. the Xbox one X barely being able to do 4k 60 compared to a Nvidia GTX 1060). Long story short: you’re paying for a incalculable amount of more expensive digital games, a yearly subscription for online (which has a majority of user suckerede in) And this game pass bs that is the worst idea ever. I mean, only a moron would willingly throw 10 bucks a month just to maintain access to the same few games or to acess games they might like, but mostly won’t like that just preys on the concept of FOMO, just to be dictated as to what you otherwise can play while you don’t actually own or keep anything.

      So let’s break it down:
      400-500 for the system

      Gold for a year (50) across 7 years is 350

      Game pass every month (10) for 7 months is 840

      And then finally, asumming there will be a system refresh at some point, another 400-500 bucks

      So in total and in conclusion, you save more in the long run when you avoid the bs of consoles that runs up a total of 2,190 (if the launch and presumed refreshed system costs 500 bucks). Even if it is 400 at launch and as a refresh, you’re looking at 1,990 which is easily 2/3 the price if an upgradable and solid PC with a better value and performance proposition guaranteed, along with cheaper games and the fact xbox is redundant at that point.
      The question is shy would you not get a PC when services now source the parts, assemble and deliver it for no extra cost? Just apply that to every console generation and think about the savings, dummies!

    • [insert Name Here]

      @Leevi Heiskanen

      Well boo hoo, look who is 2 years behind the curve! Give me A break! Sony have VR and exclusives, so pretty much all xbox have is redundancy, none of that other stuff and no good and/ or exclusive games justifying the system– all while PC does mostly all of that and the key points (so pretty much everythin) better. Again, there’s little difference and if you truly care about hardware: PC > literally anything else. Again, Sony have decent games VR and negligible hardware to that of the XSX so what incentive is there to care about what xbox offer? Vapourware, a few timed exclusives ( that are also on PC) and extortionate services don’t cut it. There’s also the fact the ps5 will just sell better due to a wider demographic extending to Sony’s games. Again, exclusives are the only thing keeping me on console and with the ps4 Sony killed it with a few game of the year titles, games surpassing over 10 million, more successful first party titles than you can count on your finers, all while simultaneously setting and breaking records back to back. Hands down the ps4 with 108 million versus just under half of that speaks for itself– and that wasn’t purely because of hardware, otherwise the xbox one x wouldn’t have flopped and failed to turn profits around. Even if xbox doesn’t completely, truly and laughably fuck up the launch of XsX, they still have ways to go and a lot to prove to rid the baggage from this gen, especially with games, but Halo just won’t cut it this gen or ever. It’s high time xbox let go of the same couple of games nobody cares about anymore.

  17. Sotero A. Gomez

    Phill was a little hurt that PS5 was mentioned and praised that heavily by Sweeney.

    • I was actually a bit surprised how effusive Sweeny’s praise was of the PS5. He loves the SSD of course but he also liked other things like the GPU. I was expecting this type of hype to mostly come from Sony and Microsoft talking about their own machines.

  18. When I first saw the demo I thought it was real life

  19. IF Microsoft can sell the Series X for cheap “400” US and “500” CAN (Cause the Canadian dollar sucks ass when it comes to gaming) then we are in for a treat boys and girls! I was with PS4 due to the situation Xbox One was in, but I eventually bought a One cause Phil turned it around for the better. I still dont get the hate from the ‘gameplay’ reveal, BUT AT LEAST THEY SHOWED SOMETHING!! Unline Sony still half a year away and still no damn tease of what the f’n thing looks like or what games will be played on.

    And the fact that Series X looks way more future proof and a better buy has me sold. I like where Xbox is going and cant wait for Series X to bring me back to the 360 days of gaming. PS5 maybe down the road for me but Series X is first purchase!

    Also Phil Spencer can we get a Godfall like game to Series X? Maybe in First person? Have it be fantasy mixed with samurai, meets guns. That would be cool af! lol

    • U must of not seen Ghost of tsushima, PS is gonna win the war again

    • God fall is not exclusive it is timed exclusive also coming to Xbox

    • @Minime1 Romero r u replying to me cause if so I didn’t say anything bout Godfall plus I don’t think imma like that game

    • Purple Angry Zmurf

      @Truly Jaze it’s funny how facts prove you wrong. Cause playstation has lost every generation and will again this generation. Also shows how little you know suggesting Ghosts of Tsushima as an example peice

  20. It was a really cool tech demo, and I hope that Microsoft is watching and learn how to get people excited about next gen.

    • Purple Angry Zmurf

      Another brain dead comment with no logic behind it

    • Purple Angry Zmurf : hold my Triangel fanboy 😂

    • I really liked to watch one guy assembling the Series X. And the Gears5 4K 60+ fps, that with Minecraft. Still wondering why some guys are still thinking their opinion overcome anybody else’s?

    • @Blu B three angels?

      Anyway, one could argue “Hold my rays”.

    • Xbox is condemned no matter what they do. I’ve always enjoyed both PS and Xbox and often wonder who exactly pushes the one is better than the other story. I personally hated god of war, waaaaaaaay overrated in my opinion. Didnt stop swaths of people claiming it was the greatest game ever. Shows that “the best” is purely situational. The best guitarists go unnoticed in the world, while the mediocre flourish. Its fan service most of the time.

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