Not Watching E3 Is The New Watching E3 (The Jimquisition)

E3 happened, and it was a particularly mediocre one this year. Let’s it though, even when it’s at its best, E3 isn’t really that important or vital. It’s always been guff, and always will be guff.

Rather than subject myself to the hype and lies this year, I decided to innovate a new E3 coverage style that involves watching as little E3 as possible. It was a very good idea.


  1. Trespassing AND chokeslamming people?

    Now that’s punk.

  2. “I’ll go make my own temple to narcissism and corporate greed! With blackjack! And hookers! Actually, forget the temple to narcissism and corporate greed.”

  3. Your vids actually make me feel sane. All this bullshit around gaming and extra monetization and awful practices… it’s unacceptable and you are one of the only youtubers that validate that feeling. Thanks Jim. Can’t wait for next week’s vid.

  4. thanks for never dropping the topics that get brought up “too much” (read: at all)

  5. SuperShadowGuard

    “Ubisimps” is absolutely genius lmao

  6. Welcome, James Stephanie, to the club of “don’t care to watch E3 Live”

  7. I used to go to Tokyo Game Show. Then one day I came home to find out a demo I stood in a 45-minute line for was available on PSN. I haven’t gone back since.

  8. To add a touch of positivity here, I’m really looking forward to Terra Nil, a game which is sort of like a builder, except instead of building a city or a polution-spewing factory, you’re rebuilding the natural environment of a place before packing up and leaving.

    S’ pretty neat.

  9. I get such cathartic serenity through your rage (except for the abuse thing by ubisoft that one still boils my blood) I feel like Jim Sterling takes a bunch of crap because they are speaking the uncomfortable truth and it’s really shitty and uncalled for. Glad you are staying though and glad you keep calling them out!

  10. I’d love to see you cover “indie, totally not AAA” developer Frontier Developments and their recent release

  11. “Ubisimps” is now one of my favourite words…

  12. I’ll admit that your previous Jimquisition was very difficult for me to watch, as I love the FnaF series, but it was about time I really *felt* the pain of what you talk about. I don’t consider myself a GaMeR because my experience with the medium is very limited, so I mostly just rolled my eyes at the industry bullshit worsening by the week each and every damn year, and went on with my day because I already wasn’t buying ubisoft/EA/Nintendo games anyway so I had little else to contribute.

    I finally put my foot down, and retracted my support of the FnaF series, and more importantly, its’ creator. I can’t un-buy the merch or the games I already have, but I won’t be getting more, and I’m looking forward to moving on to better things. I hate the thought that some of my money might have gone to any of the vile people on That List, but the best thing I can do is to prevent any more of my money of being made available for that same purpose. Thanks for opening my eyes to new industry issues by the week Steph, you help me make more educated choices.

  13. thellamamushroom

    I really appreciate the work you do, James Stephanie Sterling. It keeps me aware of the bullshit in this industry and while some games interest me, I’m cautious about purchasing them because you keep me aware of the bullshit the publishers do.
    I also really enjoy the occasional time you review games you like since it provides an opportunity to see something good I might be interested in.

    You are a gem, keep up the good work

  14. Me: “But Jim, what about…”
    Jim: *Choke slams Me* “You’re not fucking going!”

  15. You know what was way better than E3? Ryse returns wrestling was amazing. Had a man thrown to the ground 2 feet from me and Steph was radiant as ever. I’m sorry the announcers sucked but don’t forget Pittsburgh loves you and thanks for greeting us after the show! Taking a pic with you got me to change my FB profile pic for the first time in years.

  16. I appreciate you Steph, you are not screaming into the void. Some of us are listening and find comfort in your voice of sanity during these insane times.

  17. “You’re too near death to play Marvel’s Avengers!”
    Well put!

  18. “Wizard with a gun” it’s good to see Dresden files getting a game adaptation.

  19. YAY im not alone in being completely bored to tears by E3, im a gamer AND also work in the games industry, but i really couldn’t be less arsed to watch a marketing expo.

  20. I see the same thing with video game fans that I do with “patriots.” Loving something means pointing out its flaws and holding it to a higher standard, demanding it be as good as it can be. Not simply accepting things the way they are and blindly protecting it from all criticism.

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