Why The Five Nights At Freddy’s Guy Sucks (The Jimquisition)

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Scott Cawthon, creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, has been giving money to some of the worst people America. While he’s free to do so, I’m free to say he absolutely sucks for it.

Some have argued that contributing to the very worst Republicans around is harmless, because it’s his money and he can what he wants. But when you’re directly funding hateful, spiteful people who have coordinated attacks on LGBTQIA+ communities… you suck.


  1. Sophie the bookworm

    I’ll have to disagree with you on one thing Stephanie, overthrowing democratically elected governments is very much an American thing, usually they just do so abroad.

  2. James Stephanie Sterling: “I only believe in pinball and wrestling”
    Boglins: *cries*

  3. No one should ever have to see this many zoomed-in pictures of old Mitchy

  4. “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  5. “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

  6. “Nice doesn’t mean good” is _so_ fucking important for people to learn and take to heart.

  7. Keep uwu-ing my liege, you deserve it

  8. every single outfit you’ve worn in your recent vids has been an absolute banger + has filled my little gendertrash heart with vicarious joy

  9. It actually gave me pause that America was considering giving pedophiles a blank check to abuse children in the name of transphobia. I never thought it was possible to be so *stupidly* evil.

  10. I’ve been expecting this whole thing to happen for years now.

  11. “A distinctly un-American coup that tried to violently overturn a democratic election”

    Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Italy, Greece, Iran, Indonesia, the Congos, and many others:
    “We would like to Introduce ourselves”.

  12. The Skeksis resent having the Republican party compared to them.

  13. I love when a thing I never had intention of buying/playing is so divisive. It’s like I tripped into the right answer.

  14. Dynamic Banter Animated

    Imagine having enough money to give large sums of it to people with way more than you in the hopes of empowering them to take away even more

  15. “And take extra care with strangers
    Even flowers have their dangers
    And though scary is exciting
    Nice is different than good”

  16. I kinda remember that this all came up when the first game or two in the series cane out…. But then it kinda just went away and I didn’t hear anything about it till now…. MattPat sure as shit isn’t bringing this up in any of their fnaf theory videos.

  17. Oof… Game Theory probably sweating after watching this video

  18. 8:25 Jeezus. That sounds like what happened during the French occupation in WW2, where your neightbour could get you arrested/killed if they didn’t like your face by reporting you for no valid reason. Republicans are behaving literally like N*zi occupation troops and anti-trans like collabos…

  19. It’s worthy of note that the single Democrat on the list of donations that he donated to was Tulsi Gabbard. In the past, she was fighting against gay marriage, though she later apologized for it. Now, though, she’s supporting and sponsoring anti-trans legislation. https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/diversity-inclusion/529811-rep-tulsi-gabbard-sponsors-anti-transgender-bill

  20. I’m not sure about this, maybe he doesn’t actually believe all those things. It’s not as if he’s donating large sums to numerous poli- DAMNNN THAT’S A LONG LIST! Okay nevermind, he’s definitely in lockstep with all that nonsense. I’m sure the “free speech advocates” are already hard at work defending him from criticism, so I don’t feel any remorse for this.

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