The Baleful Backtracking Of Bear-Croc! (Squirty Play)

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Lost in Terra Mora is a first-person horror game on Steam. That’s okay. There’s hundreds of thousands of them, and this is of them!


  1. Oh my goodness. The prophecy was true! It’s back!

  2. *sigh* memories….sweet, nostalgic, asset flipping memories…

  3. I didn’t realize how much I missed your ridiculous openings to squirts <3

  4. God I missed these so, so much!

  5. “…go to find their colleague in a distance forest located *in several states* from them,…”

    Jeez, that must be one massive forest.

  6. I’ve really missed the non jimquisition videos. Not that I’m not enjoying those I very much am. I’ve just missed all the other content

  7. Oh my god! A squirty play!! I’m so happy! Thank god for JSS

  8. John is well developed. He’s got great big… hands.

  9. I’m glad that the dev specified that John is physically developed. I was wondering if he was an embryo or not.

  10. I enjoyed the extra helping of Justin.

  11. 2:51 Yeah but Michael’s skill is “hardness.” How did you miss that?

  12. You were INSTANTLY disturbed by the musical components lol

  13. You need a southern cajun wrestler called Bear-Croc. Now.

  14. This was hilarious, im glad to see Squirty Play make a return.

  15. Maurice del Taco

    God I love when Jim Stering plays these sh*t games

  16. “Pissed out of my genitals” ,thank God I was worried I might have been doing it wrong!

  17. i am sad that we didnt get your take on john’s profile at character selection. he has a great desire to look for something. not anything in particular just ‘something’.

  18. Bob Newby Superhero

    The “disturbing musical component” just sounds like a really distant techno rave.

  19. I can’t believe you missed the fact that the physically developed John has the trait Hardness

  20. I love how Youtube’s smart Algorithm thinks this is Slender: The Eight Pages

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