Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Little King’s Kuni (Jimpressions)

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It’s time to check out , a good that sadly lives in the shadow of its excellent original.

At least this one doesn’t yell “NEATO!” every two minutes.


  1. * low quality unoriginal comment*

  2. This makes me so happy, now give me the first Ni nu Kuni on pc, it’s sort of the only reason I still keep my ps3 around.

  3. King’s Edition already on it’s way.

    Can’t fucking wait

  4. Saved me €60. Cheers Jim!

  5. suicidal thought 4 today

    Ah overlord man in 2018, and battle is no random encounter too. Kingdom building aspect of Suikoden II, yeah!

  6. The first one was fucking masterful. Give us a PC port of the first already.

  7. Aethere_ Nocturna

    Damn it. Everytime I hear Ni No I always think of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Nino episode. “Hello. My name is NINO!!!”

  8. Now let’s hope Level 5 will then make Dark Cloud 3 next. Fingers crossed at tge unlikely hope.

  9. “If you like getting lots of shite” – did anyone else immediately think of the delightful collection of figures from the other day?

  10. The first one was a failure due to the unbalanced pokemon-esque system, and dogshit combat. Its popularity baffled me. The fact this is worse with a LKS vibe is enough to make me scoff and walk on by.

  11. As soon as I saw the ugly little chibi models running around a much more bland overworld map and fighting with knockoff Pikmin, I knew this was an instant skip for me. Quality is noticeably lower than the first.


  13. Too bad the battle screen is just a generic field instead of changing to be the beach or forest you were in on the world map.

  14. But Jim, aren’t you disappointed that the devs of NnK2 gave you all of those weapons and didn’t implement a durability system in order to force you to fight “more strategically”?


  15. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    To quote Spongbob “I NEED IT!!!”

  16. i hate the look of the miniature overworld :/

  17. Nino no Nuni 2ni: Irrelevant Kingdom

  18. 80$ Canadian on steam. Looks I’ll be waiting for a sale.

  19. Terrible idea, people LOVE franchises that “spin their wheels” (aka gradual graphics improvements with added quality of life/ ease of access additions). All those people that say they don’t like Call of Duty because it’s the same every year, they’re not the target audience. The 50 Million+ actual fans of the franchise are. That’s why we got the whole “boots on the ground” demand from the actual fans after 3 years of jetpacks, the actual fans never wanted jetpacks, the “waaah its the same very year” crowd are the ones that wanted something new, but those are the types that only play for 30 hours before moving on compared to the fans that invest hundreds of hours and spend loads of money on cosmetics. Who’d you rather cater to? Follow the money as they cynically say. To reiterate: People follow a franchise for more than just the story/characters, they want similar game mechanics or they’d just play something else. What would even be the point of a franchise if every game is completely different? People like the predictability of a reputable franchise, “Ooo a new Uncharted game finally!!! oh, ah, so this sequel is actually a trading card game, cool, i guess, I don’t wanna buy it though”.

  20. As a gamer who only came to PS gaming this generation from Xbox 360 I’ve never played the original which I’d want to before I’d buy a sequel so i wish Sony would put Ni No Kuni on PS4! I’d buy the original ? as it looks like a game I’d love, I’m really into Studio Ghibli films and they were on board with the original right? And this sequel looks gorgeous!

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