NFTs: Nasty F*cking Things (The Jimquisition)

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NFTs are the latest craze, and theyR;re horrible. A stain on the art world, a total scam, and environmentally damaging. Naturally, videogame publishers are huge fans!

I swear way more than normal, because NFTs truly are disgusting.


  1. I’d sooner go back to collecting Pokemon cards, at least the art on those is good.

  2. When Steph admits to using the F-Bomb a lot by *their* standards, you know you’re in for an explosive time.

    Edit: Just finished and yeah, that was a carpet bombing of Fucks.

  3. I suppose NFTS gave me a new past-time.
    That past-time being to right click NFTs and save them. Or in NFT terms, “stealing”.

  4. JSS looking fit these days. First Rich Evans, now Sterling, damn I need to start treating myself better.

  5. I always think I’ve forgotten what NFTs are, but no, I do know what they are, it’s just every time I’m reminded, i always think “there must be more?!?” but no, there just isn’t.

  6. Buying an NFT is like buying a treasure map that leads to the Museum.

  7. That big gaming companies seem to want to move towards crypto and NFT games tells you all you need to know.

  8. Thank you JSS, so much for laying into this bullshit. The amount of pro-NFT and ‘NFT-centrists’ (saying crap like ‘we need to accept the concept and look at alternatives that only destroy the environment 85% as much’ etc.) on the internet is sickening. It did help me cull some Twitter follows, though.

  9. Its so funny how much Peter Molyneux went on about watching a tree grow in Fable only for the mechanic to not show up until Fable 2 where it is used as a plot element and doesn’t “grow” until after you beat the game, where it will suddenly turn from a sapling into a massive tree.

    I wouldn’t mind playing black & white 2 again tho.

  10. The Android Wilson voice still makes me giggle like a child

  11. Dan Olson (Folding Ideas) is doing a very comprehensive dive into the NFT grift to document the absolute insanity of the situation, his twitter threads are eye opening.

  12. You explained NFTs. I’ve read about them multiple times, and from multiple sources. Every time, I walk away understanding completely what they are. 2 minutes later I forget again. I’m starting to suspect they’re not real.

  13. Thank you for never talking about anything Ubisoft does without mentioning the abuse. At least one sexy corner of the internet won’t let them away with it.

  14. The idea of NFTs COULD have been a reasonable critique of commercial art, a way to attract attention to rampant speculation and artificial scarcity taking art away from the public. Like a extreme protest, something so absurd it would make people rethink the art market.
    But then the tech bros decided to do that shit for real because they are awful human beings.

  15. I appreciate that people who use artwork to launder money (a blight within the art world) have managed to decouple the art from the money laundering by using NFTs.

  16. “Don’t worry, we’re offsetting our NFT carbon emissions by planting trees” Yes thank you for sticking a band-aid over my gunshot wound that will make everything better we are ‘gunshot neutral’ as it were.

  17. “Ever since speaking about the transphobia I’ve received, I’ve been inundated with a groundswell of transphobia.”

    Confident you know better than to read these replies but if you do, I’m cheering for you. I told you off for lukewarm politics for a long time, & it’s inspiring to see you exceed my tawdry demands & keep ahead of the times, becoming your best self in the process. Big respect.

  18. I called it years ago, that someday videogame companies would add in the ability for a game to use your machine and GPU to do crypomining while you run it and then send the numbers back to the company. Looks like that’s on the horizon now. Except I thought they’d do it surreptitiously. Turns out they’re going to offer it as a “reward” to the players. Let us use your machine to cryptomine, and we’ll give you some free lootboxes!”

  19. I just had a thought, the reason most people don’t fully understand how NFT’s work isn’t because crypto nerds are super smart and kewl, it’s just because normal people like to consider the potential uses of any new creation and NFT’s literally have nothing useful they can do that something else can’t.

    I keep being told about the glory of NFT’s by my friends, but every time I look at them it just looks like people paying huge amounts of money for the receipt of the purchase they just made. Buying an NFT of a picture doesn’t make you own that picture, no government is going to recognise your NFT claim when you say you bought the NFT coin from big Baz who never owned the IP he didn’t sell you. It confuses the fuck out of me, as it’s not like the trading of IP’s either, you can technically take the same image someone else has in an NFT, alter it and it is a different image? and even if you can’t sell the altered image as an NFT how does someone sue you for it? I can technically download the image and just have it on my laptop right? The whole thing seems to exist just to take real money out of the hands of people who fall for this shit.

  20. What I like about NFTs is how they flopped and artists didn’t want any part of it and I’m glad that the supporting artists part of the argument has fallen off a cliff. There is no demand or resale value with NFTs, so the weird boogers who grift it just make their own shitty pictures to send to each other.
    It was never about the art always about being a naked scam that wastes power.

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