Popeye – How Pathetic Can One Game Be? (Jimpressions)

One of the laziest, most despicable games I've ever played, the sheer lack of effort in conjunction with a well known license beyond appalling.

Let's see how utterly pathetic one game can be. The answer is very. Very, very pathetic.


  1. ♀¨•♠ö║í±☻~

    The 1982 arcade Popeye has a more pleasant aesthetic than this

    Edit: wait. The “Olive throws hearts or whatever, Popeye collects them, Bluto’s in the way” thing is _exactly the same,_ and you’re telling me there’s only 3 maps that repeat forever? Is this a re-imagining of that very same arcade game?

  2. Honestly this game could have been a solid 10/10 if everytime you uppercut Bluto he screams like Goofy and gives the ol’ “Yaaaaa Hoi Hoi!”

  3. It’s rather sad that we now live in a world where the rubber hose animation style had a resurgence thanks to games like Cuphead & Bendy yet actual classic Popeye gets this half baked treatment.

  4. I SAW THIS ON THE SWITCH STORE. I was hoping that somebody would cover it, so I didn’t think I was crazy.

  5. I look forward to this being a meme in future Jimquisitions

  6. “You defy genre classification because you’re not tucking anything!”

    Lost it.

  7. “Oh boy, I get to sink my teeth in the Popeye franchise! I’ve got an epic that’ll turn Popeye into the next Final Fantasy! Everyone will love it! What’s our timetable? Budget?”

    “6 weeks and a Little Cesar’s pizza”

    “Oh. Excuse me.”

    *First person leaves. Gunshot heard.*

  8. This feels like a game that the developers threw together a prototype in a month, forgot about it for another month, then found it again and published it.

  9. PeaceLoveHeavyMetal

    Huh, when you said it was a scam I was sure you were going to reveal that the game has some kind of hidden crypto-mining code or some shit like that, but I suppose for that to work they would have to make a game that people would want to play longer than 5 minutes.

  10. We live in a age when they could have fully replicated the look of the old cartoons in video game form and this is what we get instead….

  11. This looks like a cheap license cash-in game from my childhood – the kind my parents would buy since they knew nothing about games.

    So imagine how far my jaw dropped when I heard this was made in 2021.

  12. This game looks like a fan project in the very early stages of development, or like a student project made in a couple of weeks.
    Just… without the passion or care…

    I have made game projects that looked/played better than this, by myself, and I dont feel confident in calling myself a proper game dev.

  13. The insane thing is that this is the exact same gameplay loop as the Popeye game on NES; Olive throws shit from above that Popeye has to run around and collect while avoiding Bluto. The NES game also only has three levels. They literally took a game from 1983 and remade it while adding nothing except a third dimension.

  14. Once upon a time while playing through Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase, Arin Hanson talked up a bit about how the game was released in the state it was: He envisioned a scenario where the development team, despite – or perhaps because of – the IP they were developing for, decided they would make the game one of the greatest ever made. And so, after years of toil, they completed their magnum opus. Suddenly, like the curse of language thrust upon the people of mythical Babel for their hubris, a colossal buffoon – whom one could possibly imagine as the holders of the very IP – accidentally destroys all of their hard work with one catastrophic cascade of physical folly. And to the horror of these modern day Icaruses, they now realized that not only had their creation been destroyed seemingly by the gods themselves, but that they had but one day left to ship the game they no longer possessed. Forced to start anew with neither the time nor budget, they cobble the remaining scraps of code together into a barely-functioning product and with utter humiliation, ship it off to an unsuspecting public due to contractual obligations.

    And in my mind? That darkly comedic fable is the absolute *best* case explanation for the state that Popeye (2021) finds itself in today.

  15. Patrick McClafferty

    When you realize this is a remake of a Nintendo arcade/NES game from around the time of the original Donkey Kong, it makes this make sense but also so much worst.

  16. As a lover of golden age animation characters, this is deeply upsetting.

  17. For Popeye in particular, this really must be the darkest timeline.
    Meanwhile: In another universe, the original Donkey Kong would have been a Popeye game, and game history as we know it would have gone down a very VERY different path.

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