Naughty Microsoft Bought Smelly Bethesda (The Jimquisition)

Naughty, cheeky Microsoft has purchased smelly, old, dirty, old Bethesda. Obviously, it’s got Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax as well. Zenimax is a toilet.

There’s plenty to talk about here, Zenimax and Bethesda’s history as bullies to the benefits Microsoft will see as we enter a new generation and the Xbox Series faces off against the PS5.

Also, we are under the sea!


  1. naughty! smelly!

  2. bugged life mechanics

    I can’t wait to buy skyrim on my prosthetic hand in 2033.

  3. I needed a Jim Sterling take on this.

  4. I see jim is getting better from his lobster condition

  5. Todd Howard did it again he managed to sell Skyrim again

  6. I swear to Christ I didn’t need to be reminded about the Raggedy Anne movie….. And yet it happens anyways

  7. ”Prey 2 wasn’t up to our quality standards.”

    ”Now, please excuse us as we release yet another unfinished, rushed, broken unplayable PS3 port.”

  8. It is kinda ingenious that they managed to buy Bethesda for 1 dollar per bug.

  9. >Zenimax claiming Humanhead’s Prey 2 was not up to their standards of quality
    >same company behind BETHESDA


  10. Offtopic, but I just wanted to say this for a while: either you or Justin (or both) have excellent taste in cartoons.

  11. Microsoft could have bought so many Canvas bags with that $7.5 billion.

  12. Because of Gamepass, does that mean Todd Howard found a way to sell Skyrim to people monthly?

  13. When I heard that Microsoft bought Bethesda I was worried we would never see the Bethesda dance ever again. Thankfully I was wrong this time.

  14. “The claws are useless for this purpose” will surely be my go-to quote when something goes wrong

  15. “Not up to our quality standards”

    “Released Fallout 76 and failed to fix its immense amount of bugs for years”

  16. Bethesda: “Prey 2 wasn’t up to our quality standards”

    Also Bethesda: *releases Fallout 76*

  17. Bethesda and the inability to fail?

    Bethesda accepts this challenge.

  18. If another man asked me to “come and wick” him while wearing lobster claws, I might rethink my life choices.

  19. “It’s not up to our quality standards” ~Bethesda See Also: ‘The 1001 Glitches of Fallout 76’ on Youtube by Joseph Anderson.

  20. Microsoft and Bethesda present:
    “The Elder Scrolls 76: Blades”

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