Allegations, Exploitation, And The CEO Who Dreamed Of A Porsche (The Jimquisition)

Aeon Must Die! looks like a terrific game, and I always like to pay attention when Focus Home publishes something. Attention is something this game has a lot of, and not in a good way.

Limestone Games, the studio behind the game, has been accused by former staff members of crunch, exploitation, abusive behavior and outright crimes. This blew up before Sony’s recent State of Play event, but has been forgotten about already by an ever-momentous news cycle.

We here The Jimquisition, rather than forgot, spoke with the ex-Limestone team to find out more. So here we are!


  1. Jim is so shellfish this episode.

  2. Can I be honest? Lobster Jim is genuine nightmare fuel.

  3. Jim Sterling is now a vtuber? Epic.

  4. Don’t be a Simp. Be a Shrimp

  5. Show of hands for everyone so emotionally dead that you’re utterly unsurprised to hear yet again of horrible misconduct AND that you’re hearing this from a lobster.

  6. I can’t be the only one who thought this was an Ubisoft episode, right?

  7. Thumbs up if you want to see Lobster Jim do the Bethesda Dance

  8. There’s this guy named Jim. And he turns himself into a lobster. Funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

  9. I’m only a minute in and I can’t stop thinking of Sea-Man on Dreamcast

  10. This is my exact experience in the creative industry of Manchester UK. Its a shit show and I left it behind last christmas after years of being exploited by idiots. I like that these game devs atleast get heard. God knows the HMRC and tory government don’t give a crap of some peasant isn’t getting paid or being abused.

  11. Jim “Lob” Sterling? It’s weird, but in just the right way…

  12. Last time Jim had surgery, he returned with lobster claws instead of hands. Now he suffered an injury and he went full on lobster…
    This is all part of his endgame! He is trying to become immortal!
    The joke’s on you Jim – lobster immortality is actually a myth.

  13. *Criminal actions*
    “I wonder what that is, murder? Piracy?”
    *Tax evasion*
    “Oh that’s legal or the government would care about it”

  14. Step aside Jordan Peterson, there’s a new lobster daddy in town.

  15. “Or we could just DRAG video game executives through the street.” YES JIm. YES. NOW ‘YER TALKING ‘ME LANGUAGE

  16. As much as unionization gets bashed this is what happens without them. You can NEVER trust corporations to look after a workforce and its intrest. They will work you to death, mental breakdown and severe fatigue and leave you with little to show for it. I’ve worked with and without Unions. Union jobs were always better.

  17. When you have to use a 5 dollar word like “unsubstantiated” in response to claims of abuse it reeks of someone’s lawyer telling them “yeah, we totally did it, but they can’t legally prove it. Tee hee.”

  18. It’s seems like a pretty common theme that most CEO’s generally have no expertise in the thing they are managing. I get it, they are business men and they are supposed to be there to business but forgive me if I’m wrong but how you conduct business isn’t the same depending on what you’re selling. Perhaps the people running companies should have a background in the thing they are running? Instead this class on one size fits all CEO has been created consisting of a bunch of barely qualified rich assholes just snowballing each other into different companies mouths. Yes, In that metaphor the cum would have to be sentient. I honestly feel like describing CEO’s as sentient cum is fairly apt so I’m not going to change it.

  19. Sadly, and Jim would probably confirm this, if LITERALLY EVERYONE involved in the creation of a game worked themselves to literal actual death it wouldn’t affect sales figures negatively.
    In fact the PR departments would probably push it as “The game they DIED to bring to you!!”

  20. “terrible fuckery”

    That should become a technical term.

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