Hades – Basically My Game Of The Year (Jimpressions)

Hades is excellent. Seriously very excellent. A level of excellent that has quickly seen it become one of my favorite games ever.

notch combat, a terrific blend of RPG and roguelike qualities, amazing writing, graphics, and music. Hades’ mythological tale of family conflict is just fantastic.

Easily Supergiant’s best work, to the point I really don’t have a bad thing to say about it. And that’s that!


  1. Aside from the art, I think Supergiant Games have top tier voice acting. I have never fallen in love with a sword until I played Transistor

  2. Jim: “To the point where I don’t really have a bad thing to say about it.”
    I feel like the space-time continuum is about to become destroyed or something.

  3. Developers: Mention the damn fishing!!!

  4. I’m glad Jim is enjoying this as much as I am. What I really like about this game is that even if I lose a run (which is becoming more rare as I get better) I never feel like I wasted my time.
    Edit: You eventually do unlock pets that follow you around, you just have to build up friendship with certain characters such as Megaera, Thanatos and Skelly. Keep giving them Ambrosias!

  5. I’ve had this game on early access for a long ass time. I think I got it shortly after it came to Steam and, Oh my god, does it more than deserve the praise! The gameplay is fun, the characters are great and the artstyle is gorgeous. Play it now!

  6. I love it when Jim loves a game…

  7. I’ve been playing Hades in Early Access for about 4 months now and it’s become one of my favourite games, I’m so glad that Supergiant finally got a gigantic well deserved success. While their other games (like Bastion) were more cult successes its great to see the studio get the wide reaching recognition it deserves.

  8. “You can guess what Zeus gives you.”

    The ability to bone everyone and have children with anything?

  9. Northern Starshine

    Got 200 hours in Hades and counting — And I’m STILL getting new dialogue and story advancements all the time! There is just so much story and narration to this game and it’s all delightful. Characters will react to everything — different voice lines for different weapons, for different weapon aspects, for even having a certain item on you at the time, and it feels like it just never stops.

  10. So when this game launched for switch a couple weeks ago I was super intrigued by the visuals but hesitant because I do not like rogue-likes, but I took a chance and currently have over 125 hours in game.. it’s just too good. The story and dialogue (writing and voice acting!) are fantastic too, and there’s a lot of surprises/clever little twists, for lack of a better term and not wanting to spoil anything.

  11. Wait, you can fish in this game? I’m hooked.

  12. I love the character of Zagreus. It would’ve been easy and totally justified to make him an absolute teenage edgelord, but he’s actually a genuinely nice guy who’s also an absolute edgelord.

  13. When Jim said he was recommending this game on the last jimquisition, I was vocally gleeful. Seriously I was in love with this game before I even bought it, and then I played it and properly fell in love.

  14. Note that Jim has Fidi, which means he maxed his relationship with Dusa. Which is great! Dusa is lovely.

  15. I know Jim won’t remember, but I sent him an email a while ago asking him to look at this game because I thought he would love it.

    Knowing I was right makes me really happy at a time when I haven’t been very happy. I don’t think Jim is playing because of me, but I am truly happy that he loves the game as much as I thought he would.

  16. The song at the beginning is called The Cult of Dionysus by The Orion Experience.

  17. Dislikes must be from Theseus and his alt accounts.

  18. Fun fact: Darren Korb is the voice for Zagreus.
    He’s also the singing voice for Orpheus.
    Including the songs where he’s so high in the register he has to be singing falsetto.
    In a game full of impressive things, that combination of impressive performances is still the one that I love the most.

  19. A roguelike set in Hades is so fucking spot on, given the whole Sisyphus thing.

  20. This game feels designed to induce bisexual panic

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