Marvel’s Avengers Is A Mess Of Microtransactions And Battle Passes

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Marvel’s Avengers is only looking worse and worse as we hurtle toward its release date. ’s clear that Square Enix and associates looking to turn this thing into a corporate gravy train. Also, it’s got lots of battle passes!

Every single post-launch hero will get their own $10 battle pass, which re-contextualizes Square Enix’s promise that future updates will be free. While you can earn that money back in the form of pretend currency, that’s just part of an overall commitment to exhausting the player with grind.

As well as that, there is a Fortnite-style rotating store with a premium shop full of microtransaction fodder. Square Enix desperately wants you to know it’s “just cosmetic” but between this, the battle passes, the exclusivity deals, and corporate sponsorships, Marvel’s Avengers is just… pathetic.

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  1. “If cosmetics didn’t have a value people wouldn’t pay for them to begin with*

  2. In an age of games no longer having instruction manuals due to built in tutorials it’s rather telling that they need a massive blog to tell you how to use the shop and buy stuff before launch.

  3. Dr Strange: “I’ve analyzed 1500000 different futures where Square Enix releases this game.”
    Square Enix: “How many of them are where we care about our customers?”

    Dr. Strange: “None of them.”

  4. “free and premium battle passes… per…. character..”
    What the blue ball fricken hell is wrong with them!!

  5. I’m getting flashbacks to Anthem and Battlefield V, and their guides for what versions of the game launch at what times.

    But even those were less depressing to look at.

  6. I’d like to remind you all that the Horse Armor DLC was also “just cosmetics”.

    Think about that.

  7. “You think we’re so stupid.” Yes… They do! And given how much money they make, it’s obvious that they are right!

  8. anyone remember when Squeenix killed Deus Ex with forced multiplayer at the expense of the singleplayer’s development & a similar preorder microtransaction clusterfuck?

  9. Microtransactions And Battle Passes is somewhat tolerable at a “free to play” game but at 60$? no thank you

  10. When I saw Hulk open a chest to find a chestplate with levels, my interest died. I was expecting a linear single player experience like spiderman. What’s really sad is that the multiplayer exist ONLY to validate all the “cosmetic” purchases cause the game itself can’t validate such monetization without multiplayer to fuel showing it off. The beginning of the game was nothing more than wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  11. “Our soft currency” The games industry in 2020 is such a joke.

  12. I remember when Blizzard did the same thing with Overwatch, and people gave their loot boxes a free pass because they’re merely for cosmetics. Even then I knew this was a load of bullshit.

  13. Ah yes, “content updates for free”

    Translation: we’ll keep releasing a character every few months as long as you guys pump microtransaction money. Otherwise we’ll shut the whole thing down despite “a roadmap” and move onto a new project

  14. Square Enix: “Hail Hydra!”
    Customers: “what?”
    Square Enix: ” Oh nothing……great game isn’t it? Look It’s got cosmetics!!”

  15. Guys can we just take a moment to appreciate the bold, brave, utterly selfless act of Square Enix to not include pay-to-win mechanics? I just don’t think they’re getting enough credit for this incredible generosity.

  16. “It’s just cosmetic!”

    So was Horse Armor.

    Man, high budget AAA development just isn’t cutting it anymore. Old-school and indie for life, I guess.

  17. The second a company tells me I can pay them money for “level skips” they’re telling me their games is literally not worth playing. Pass.

  18. AAA Game development in the early 2000s: “Marketing team, we’ve made a game. Go out and sell it!”

    AAA Game development in the late 2010s: “Dev team, we’ve made a market. Build a game around it!”

  19. Danielle Was Delayed

    My favorite part about this is how expensive everything in that screenshot of the Marketplace was… 500 credits ($5) for an EPIC EMOTE…
    Assuming the game is releasing as a $60 game, that means that their valuation of the *entire game* is only as much as 12 Epic Emotes.
    And unfortunately, people are still going to buy it and still going to not question how much money they’re throwing down the drain by putting multiple games’ worth of cash into an online service that will ultimately be taken down in 3 years.

  20. Antman: Alright, we’ve got this time travel thing figured out, time to save everyone!
    Tony: Not so fast, dude. First, we’re gonna spend a year farming Vibranium crates by repeatedly raiding the same three secret Hydra compounds over and over again so we can craft a legendary DOT upgrade to Thor’s new hammer. We stand no chance against Thanos without that extra DPS.

    Avengers: Endfun

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