New Generation, New Nonsense (The Jimquisition)

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We’re fast approaching a new generation of consoles, and we don’t even know what they’ll cost or when they’ll come out. But we DO know that Sony might allow you to preorder one from them if you’re very good.

As we hurtle toward next-gen in a year where people literally don’t have money, we’re already drowning in total nonsense. Because this is the game industry – straightforward and sensible commerce went out to lunch years ago.


  1. When buying consoles, I like to think of what I call the 3 Year Cycle.
    Year 1. Don’t buy during its first year. The console’s at its most expensive, there’s a scarcity of consoles, and there are very few games, mainly just tech demos and ports from the previous console. This is also when most of the issues with the console come to light.
    Year 2. As the library has finally started to kick off and there are now some decent titles, it’s now worth purchasing if you are really into what is offered. Price tends to still be high and not all the kinks have been ironed out.
    Year 3 onward. The system should have full support from various devs and has a large library from various genres that can make full use of the console, all while the price of the console has either dropped and/or a new, better version has appeared.

  2. Swamp the preorder system. Flood them with requests. And then when they finally offer it to you, don’t respond. Make them go through a whole other round of pre orders
    I have no psn ID. I can’t do this. But I’m sure a lot of Jim Sterling viewers do.

  3. Me: 2020 can’t get any worse.
    2020: AAAA games exist now.

  4. When you turn the kitchen lights on, revealing the cockroaches, some people blame you for showing them. Instead, we need to do something about the cockroaches.

  5. Lets go back to the AA days where good new games cost $40 and micro-transactions were but a myth.

  6. “The first people that will buy them” would be scummy scalpers tho, right? edit – as in this way hopefully actual players will be able to get one on launch…?

  7. They’ll start calling it ‘A4’ and those out of the loop will think you’re talking about paper.

  8. “seeing how the sausage is made, isn’t ever pleasant” Jim says while I eat my breakfast sausages

  9. “Pre-order Applicants”. It’s probably easier to get on a list for a heart transplant.

  10. Jim: “QUADRUPLE A!!!”
    me: He’s kidding, right?
    Jim: [shows source]
    me: [headdeskheaddeskheaddeskheaddesk…]

  11. “AAAA” 1/2 the product for 2x the price

  12. I thought Jim was doing a bit to make fun of these companies when he said AAAA…how is that real? AAA already doesn’t mean anything Microsoft, AAAA means even less

  13. Summoner Stripclub

    It’s literally turning into that “AAA AAAA AAAAA AAAAAAH” vid & exactly my mood

  14. So what you’re saying is that ca-triple-apitalism will soon evolve into Ca-druple-apitalism.

  15. I love how if you go to the Wikipedia-article for AAA, one of the “See also”-Links is “Shovelware”

  16. The words “next gen” fill me with dread in the same way Triple A does.

    Also, the AAAA thing is a joke I’ll never take seriously.

  17. I’m not bothering until 2021. Trying to get one of these when there’s no worthwhile exclusives simply isn’t worth the hassle.

  18. I feel like this is “peak” late stage capitalism. But they’ll always find a way to make things worse.

  19. Nobody In particular

    “Without embarrassment!”
    Jim, you should know better than any of us that any corporation can’t feel and has no idea of the concept of “shame”

  20. Man, I’m over here just getting pushed further and further from being a “gamer”.

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