Activision Will Charge $70 For Call Of Duty On PS5 And Xbox Series X

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Activision is the latest publisher to aid in normalizing a new price point for so-called “AAA” videogames going forward. Duty: Black Ops War will cost $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Because of course.

While some will be quick to point out how “need” to charge more money for the same old crap, we need to remember exactly how much money Activision has, and who that money actually goes to.


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  1. Games industry : ‘Games prices have never changed’
    Me: remember when the valve orange box had 3 of the best games ever for £30?

  2. $70 for Warcrime Simulator: CIA Coup Plotting Edition? Nah, I’ll pass mate. No game is worth that.

  3. 2K profiting from, I’m sorry, “commemorating” Kobe Bryant’s legacy for an extra $10

  4. effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT

    $70 for this years American-exceptionalist circlejerk game, Activision has lost all sense of perspective…

  5. I find it funny how games have never raised there prise is such a boilerplate response that Jim used it as an example excuse for games raising there prise

  6. Cornflakes Humunculus

    Jokes on Activision-Blizzard I’m still playing old games that is an actual full game experience back when games were sold as proper games.

  7. Of course they’re doing this, it’s Actifeceon we’re talking about.

  8. *Activision:* This game is about the Cold War
    *Also Activision:* This game is going to be non-political
    *Literally anyone with more than half a braincell:* surprised Pikachu face

  9. *Charges 70$ and bends the knee to the CCP*
    Activision—-you’ve gotta go!

  10. Acti-Blizz, 10 years from now:

    “But we HAVE to charge $200 for COD: Iraq War Crime Edition! How else are we gonna pay for all the $120 DLC for the $150 Season Pass for the $90 Map pack DLC to get the battle Royale campaign ending that we definitely didn’t take out? Mr Kotik works so hard on his golf swing for all of you guys, honestly! Don’t you guys all have PS8’s by now?”

  11. 70$ is around 5000 russian roubles, so the joke of the day is: 5k gaming is finally here

  12. I like how the 2 biggest “same game every year” ones are raising in price, just to hammer home that it’s to get as much out of you as possible, so instead of $60 for same game every year, it’s now $70 every year.

    Glad i’m not foolish enough to buy these games anyway.

  13. I dropped out of most AAA games sometime early this last decade. These games aren’t worth $40, much less $60 or $70. Increasing games’ prices using inflation and “services” as the reason just doesn’t cut it when real wages are barely increasing for lay people. Video games are becoming more of a luxury good, and they sure as hell aren’t making up for it in any kind of innovation relevant to the consumer. Back to the indies.

  14. It’s shocking how hideously dressed Bobby K can be while being so wealthy. Goes to show money can’t buy style.

  15. It’s times like these I’m glad I own a PC. The day I spend $70 on a game is the day pigs fly. Not to mention support such a company.

  16. Saw the title and was like “oh wow, a $10 discount” and then remembered not everyone lives in Canada :/

  17. — “It’s almost 2021, time to stop selling COD for just $60.”

    — It’s almost 2021, time to stop making COD.

  18. “…. is charging 70 dollars for next degeneration games.”

  19. My favorite is “pay extra to support the devs”…..this isn’t an indie title, the devs are getting the scraps from Kotick.

  20. Just remember $70 will just be the “Standard edition” I am sure Gold, Silver, Platinum and what else will go up too. Instead of $200 for a game and some tat, you’ll be paying $250 now.

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