Let’s Talk About That Crappy Thing Warframe Does With Prime Unvaulting

For the most part, I’m a big fan of Warframe and its business model. However, if there’s one thing that’s proven regularly contentious, it’s the Prime Vault.

So let’s talk about a particular aspect of the Prime Vault continues to aggravate invested players, and is worth Digital Extremes actually addressing.


  1. I really, *really* hate what YouTube seems to insist on doing to my beautiful Warframe footage.

  2. This unvaulting was particularly shitty because the relics you need are hidden in Cetus bounties. Yes, the bounties that takes over 10 minutes of just running for a 30% chance of getting the relic you want…. for a 5% chance of getting the prime part…. what the actual fuck?

  3. Primed Chamberrrr!!!

  4. Prime vault is the biggest bullshit Warframe has. Why do I have to pay $60 for some exclusive amour and syandanas? Just like Jim, I’m madly in love with Warframe, but the Prime vault is unacceptable as a payment plan.

  5. Primes being better than regulars apply mostly just to mods and weapons. Prime warframes get really minute differences in terms of stats compared to regular frames. People (me included) just want the prime versions to flaunt them.

  6. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    I can’t say Triple A without doing it the way you say it now. God damn.

  7. Preach. This is something that has been brought up by the community every time a new Unvaulting happens, but DE just don’t seem to listen.

    It is very annoying. The only thing missing from my collection is the Daman Prime Sugatra but I ain’t paying $60 for a small shiny among a bunch of content I already own.

  8. God, remember how much of a pain in the urethra it was to get Ember Prime’s blueprint?

  9. Jim Sterling One thing I’ve never seen you mention is that in the daily login rewards you can get up to 75% discount for your next platinum purchase. I play this game since nearly 3 years now and I’ve only purchased one time platinum with said 75% coupon. 4300 Platinum for 45€. While 45€ seems much with that platinum I got everything I’ve ever wanted in Warframe. It was just so much.

  10. Both players and content creators of this game have been asking for this for years, but with no success as of yet. Hopefully with this video, they might actually make a change to their system. Fingers crossed.

  11. As negative as the Vault is, some day DE have said that they are planning to remove the Vault later on.

    As of now, I agree that the Vault is a bit shite, however it does give the Market a rotating price range. While annoying if you missed an unvaulting: At least it keeps prices and set rarity cycling.

    I just hope that DE either remove the Vault or make it decently accessable to newer players…

  12. YouTube has decided to block me from responding to any direct comments on this video, because that’s a random thing this idiot website does sometimes.

    Just to point out – it’s quite clear some people are commenting before finishing watching and assuming what my contention is. My contention isn’t the existence of Prime Warframes, which *do* have some inherent tangible advantages – if only minor – over their base versions, but are acquired mostly to look flashy.

    And for those preemptively defending the Prime Warframes, I’m not *against* the Prime Warframes, which I enjoy collecting and generally like the implementation of. If you keep watching the video beyond that, you’ll see what the actual problem is.

    For example:

    “Primes being better than regulars apply mostly just to mods and weapons. Prime warframes get really minute differences in terms of stats compared to regular frames. People (me included) just want the prime versions to flaunt them.” – Jet Jenkins.

    Sure, but the stat differences *are* there… and I don’t have a problem with that! This video isn’t about any inherent problem with Prime Warframes as they exist. It’s about the cosmetics being tied to the packs.

  13. I liked WarFrame when I played it, may come back to try it again, but the very reason I stopped playing was I saw there were items I simply cannot earn in game, even through ludicrous amounts of grinding. I was told it was available to buy, but only in these expensive pack things.
    Cosmetics are a big part of the experience. So this turned me off. I may fire up my WarFrame again someday. I’m okay if there’s ways for a free-to-play game to make money, but when it’s doing things like this, I dislike it. Make the cosmetics individually purchasable.

  14. Watched WWE….and I hear Triple Hs in your voice now to

  15. Yep, this has been a point of contention since the Unvaultings started. It’s really dumb, and they should definitely have a separate option for just the accessories, just like they do with the standard Prime Access.
    Right now if I want the prime Sentinel accessories, I need to fork over £25 for the *entire* Loki pack, even though I have everything else already. That’s kinda definitely not worth it.

  16. Yeah, I agree. But to be fair, that bit you talk about at the end- “they listened to feedback and made changes rather than pulling a Bungie-” DE has being doing that for years. Hands down best publisher/studio I have ever seen in terms of listening to player feedback. It would be unfair to say they don’t just because they didn’t change this one particular thing.

  17. As someone with well over 1000 hours logged in Warframe, thank you SO much for making this video. Hopefully this helps spark the fires of change on this one.

  18. Sadly this isn’t the only issue with the Prime Vault (Specifically this release), While A lot of players have been requesting a Prime Vault Accessories pack, There is a large number (Myself Included) that have requested that their decision to tie the current Vaulted Relics to the Plains of Eidolon should be reversed.

    Now some players may not know this but PoE doesn’t have the best record when it comes to performance & Time Investment, which means it shouldn’t be the single home of Vaulted Relics and to those that will point out that they can be acquired through syndicate packs, well yes that is the case but the time investment compared to the rng outcome of those packs cannot be the single source of vaulted relics for the players that can’t run PoE.

  19. Question, as somebody knows nothing about Warframe outside of this video:

    If Prime characters are just better version of normal characters, how do you balance the game, seeing as it’s a multiplayer game? Also, if the only way to get them is to buy them, doesn’t that make the game kinda “pay to win”?

    Also, does it truly cost $60 for like 2-3 characters and a couple of cosmetics? Because even as a FTP game (a model I’m a fan of if done right, and the only place I’m cool with lootboxes), that sounds extremely excessive, and quite frankly more than a little greedy. Surprised Jim would be a fan of something like that, though I realize I might not have the full picture of their pricing model here.

  20. I would be down to pay for the cosmetics only, for the same price. Just add a couple more of platinum to the accessories pack and it is done. How hard is it?

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