League Of Children – HIGH ELO AFK

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Love all.


  1. *muscled*
    *tank top*
    *plays draven*
    So that’s what they look like?

  2. Props to the nerd for having an actual shitlist to vent his anger out on.
    Like a cute little baby rage diary.

  3. How this dude got to masters with a bad attitude like this is just beyond
    me. :/
    Meanwhile I’m just your average joe, nice guy, trying his hardest to climb

  4. League of Legends is shit and so are the people that play it.

  5. you can already tell he’s bad because he buys health pot before dorans
    blade. dead give away

  6. holyshit, that guy got death in his eyes kekek

  7. he’s making a list.. and checking it twice..

  8. I’m pretty sure all kids named Tyler are assholes.

  9. Lets send this to riot

  10. srsly ? and i got pema’d ?? LOL

  11. Anskaskaskaskaska Enipsispispispi

    Did that music at the end startle anyone else besides me?

  12. Hi Disco! Will you make a video on Dotot?

  13. he can bash me irl anytime


  15. How did he get into masters… Wtf how…..

  16. You know nothing, Jon Snow ~ Ygritte

    6:13 + headphones + full screen

  17. LMAO i feel great now cause in comparison to this guy Im like Jesus in
    terms of toxicity.

  18. that notepad is epic

  19. Damn he’s really attractive, sucks that he’s also a twat

  20. What a toxic shitlord

  21. he making draven players look bad

  22. Wow, this is new levels of cancer, I’m just floored.

  23. “Id bash u irl”

    *I’m done*

  24. This downs looking nigga making a fucking 3rd grade hit list fo league
    games, I’m fucking rolling oh god how is this trash HIGH elo, he plays like
    a silver at best, and thats being generous

    ENTERTAIN!!!!!?!?! surely he doesnt think this is stream worthy?

  26. i though this was one of those high rage weird behaviour videos .

  27. what a noob

  28. And wonders why he’s only won 3 games?

  29. usually expect league of children to have some funno unfunno music to go
    with the toxicity.

  30. It makes you wonder what kind of terrible things must have happened to him
    in his childhood to make him turn out this way….

  31. I’m glad these are coming back, so funny

  32. Lmfao he dies to a kog level 6 as level 6 draven. Him walking into a nami
    knockup like a mongo was the problem, not the kog.

  33. Chamath Karunaratne

    What a douche! Riot please shouldn’t let these types of cunts play the game
    even if it is high elo. Such hate and toxicity is negative to the community

  34. Yeah dumpster trash Hai doesn’t belong in this elo.

    He belongs in the NALCS.

  35. how the fck is this “shiet” master ??? ebay account ??

  36. who came to this vid cause of a reddit post?

  37. This guys doesn’t understand league at all lol

  38. “since ive got into master I’ve won only 2 games and lost like 7”
    huh….i wonder how, cause you are obviously a great player, no flaws
    whatsoever. right?

  39. This dude is legit complaining that someone is “stuck” in “low challenger”

    Like really nigga?

  40. yo bro,gettin burned on the chat does not mean you’re being flamed,just

  41. the roids man his dick shrunk and he has to flame everyone

  42. this guy… has murderer eyes and clearly is a bit unhinged…

  43. I have never seen such a salty meat head in my life and he was playing with
    fking Hai! Thank god he’s banned for the eight time. Also love the notepad

  44. This guy is known for flaming, this is nothing unusual from Tyler the
    draven rager

  45. no kog ban xd

  46. Damn, this Lulu is trying so hard to control this guy.

  47. Not only does he look like a little cunt, he acts like one too, and yea..
    would bash you irl, so just bring it.

  48. this guy looks like a douche

  49. his match history tells that he is a whiny bitch, trolling 4/10 games in
    high elo…

  50. game became so casual even retards like this get to the top of the ladder,
    if he played back in the day he would have been a 500 elo tryndamere player

  51. AwakenedMachinist

    I am speechless rn.. i want to laugh but i can’t.. this makes me sad. Is he

  52. is this NA pornstar zilean? damn salty kid lmao

  53. XD he was looking and acting all tough while listening to the softest music
    known to man XD…. the music was good but c’mon!!!! who can rage like that
    while listening to that kind of music..

  54. lmfao he flaming C9 Hai hahaha

  55. LMFAO i was just trollin this dude on his stream the other day, never
    thought he would be on the front page of reddit. Guy has it in his about
    page on twitch that he had like 8 accounts perma banned. Its like he is
    just a complete retard hot head

  56. Bald headed burning trash.
    Never seen those before.

  57. this guy needs to get a hold of his emotions wtf

  58. I love his facial expression, when he types “no kog ban xD”


  60. just got tilted from this video

  61. This is the kind of person that deserves a ban, just look at his match
    history, right now he has 2 games where he buys a zzrot portal on draven
    and 3 games where he bought as many tears as he could. If they ban people
    like dunkey then this guy should be a perma ban.

  62. Looool that notepad xDDDDDD what a fucking beta

  63. Why would he record this and put it on the internet?

  64. dude those messages he wrote on the notepad wtf

  65. i know he said he was 3-7 in masters, how the fuck did he win 3 games is
    the real question, or how is he masters LOL this feels like the time i used
    to be bronze haha wish i could chat with Hai.

  66. That pornstar zilean fanboy.

  67. KASUwonderlandOnline

    Who would need that many Gatorades… And why would you put them in sight?
    Just so everyone can see and say “Oh, he must workout.”

    Damn, humanity has fell pretty low.

  68. bad pornstar zilean cosplay

  69. 4:25 look how sad he looks he was about to cry, please dont hate on him hes
    just a broken kid : ..(

  70. y u gatta do this doe!!!!

  71. how can so much negativity be contained in a human D: it’s saddening

  72. poor lulu trying to keep everyone calm.

  73. What a fucking toddler. Seriously, just look at this guy. He looks and acts
    exactly like a knucklehead.

  74. this is such a common occurrence in league why is it a spectacle at high
    level play? like everyone’s a fuckin child master tier is no different

  75. he just got owned ,its not the game


  77. we all have these games where we get salty af, blaming others and shit. Smh
    @ the people who are saying shit like ”how is he master” probably cuz hes
    a way better player than you retards are. Just because someone is BM or
    shit for one game, doesn’t mean they don’t belong in the elo they’re in.

    No doubt though, the shit he did here isn’t acceptable. But half of you
    idiots would probably start screaming and shouting at your monitor when you
    have a shit game. Rather have someone typing out their anger than behave
    like a child, people who don’t wanna hear it have the option to mute

  78. Put’s LCS Player on hate list calls him trash

  79. I dont think tyler is reformed

  80. im glad no one will blame hai at all because he is a pro player and on C9
    and considered a god shotcaller, honestly Hai is probably one of the
    biggest babies i see on this game. Everytime i see a stream with him in a
    game hes BabyRage(ing) at someone. He is pretty toxic, at least to a
    degree. just my opinion, i find him a tad bit annoying and hypocritical at

  81. painful to watch, the guy is exactly the type you imagine if you see
    someone expressing their autism in chat like that

  82. Disco i thought you were a cool guy, but now i see you get salty af. Also
    you look like a turd in that tank top.


  83. watching this guy stream is like watching grey paint dry. just because you
    are high elo, doesn’t mean you automatically will be interesting to

  84. fucking moron

  85. this guy is an asshole !!!

  86. What’s his stream?

  87. Lmfao classic Tyler

  88. NA PPL

  89. MvmnmmvmnmMVMNMMVMNM MvmnmmvmnmmMVMNMMVMNMMVMNMvmnm

    much autism lmao

  90. What a loser

  91. how can that guy be Master?!??!

  92. Tommie Jinnevång

    Maybe upping the dose wasnt the best idea.

  93. The guy isnt even ripped lmao he is the only guy on cam so he looks bigger
    by comparing it to nobody

  94. All i see is a tilted player getting trolled and provoked over and over

  95. Kudos to this Lulu, she still can be positive with that kind of people..

  96. tylertard

  97. Scott The Reciter

    Oh look, a douchebag.

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