Witness Silver Elo in 40 second

Has gone too ?


  1. You should’ve been kiting the jhin there imo

  2. yeah both those people are fucking shitty silver players

  3. silvers are the worse, im bronze and im way better, give me a thumbs up if
    you’re a virgin like me ;[

  4. Ravn Falkensköld

    Love it how people are arguing about this, point is not that lucian played
    it great or bad, point is that it’s stupid from soraka to even say anything
    after doing that

  5. At first the zoom pissed me off, but then I realized; it;s accurately
    portraying what the game looks like to silver player; no map, attention
    only on ~50% of the screen at a time. +1 point for realism.

  6. I think you both played like shit.

  7. a fucking rage face at the end

  8. you didnt actually know the shaco was there, you just use that as an excuse
    to why you thought chasing their support was okay. you made the wrong
    decision out of greed, silver.

  9. Tunneled like a mole for that nautilus

  10. guarantee half these hate comments of made from silver or lower places
    thinking they are being “held back by teamates”

  11. was pretty cool until that shit autistic 2011 tier meme at the end

  12. o shit, lmao

  13. Funny part about this video is Soraka is right.

  14. This zoom is infuriating


    IN 2016



  16. jesus fucking christ le meme face at the end
    kill me

  17. lucian isnt perfect, but soraka is worse, but thats how people are they
    don’t blame themselves only others. keep improving and ignore them, you’re
    better than that

  18. Why’d you post this to reddit? Now you’re going to have to deal with all
    the challenjours who will probably say some dumb shit like, “why didn’t you
    attack jhin : ////??/?”

  19. Same in Plat.

  20. TBH, Climbing out of Silver is probably one of the easier things to do in

  21. Am in silver. Can confirm this is true

  22. Can i upload this video to my page, i will give you credit as well

  23. He got a double kill. I dont understand what happened? how is this front
    page material

  24. But soraka was right… yet still she isn`t anything better

  25. From the comments here I can see that the cancer rage kids are just as bad
    in the higher elo.

  26. Silvers calling silvers bad, sounds right. That whole play was bad lol

  27. damn how could you not attack Jhin there when he was literally hugging you
    with 20% hp

  28. Pretty shit play by lucian tho… Could have left naut and got the half
    health jhin and then turned on the gank..

  29. to be fair you both suck, soraka went in way to far and you tunnel visioned
    hard for a support…

  30. soraka should uninstall league then uninstall in rl.

  31. I see so many people complaining about lucian lol
    I bet if he didn´t say his elo in the tittle no one would say shit about
    how he played lmao but since we all know he´s silver, let´s tell him how
    bad he played haha
    Anyway, I can´t even see how lucian played badly, but oh well, I´m also in
    silver so hwat do I know.


  33. You misplayed too bruh. Soraka was atrocious but you didn’t do that well
    either haha. So i guess you both demonstrate what’s wrong with silver (and
    bronze/gold). Soraka shows it by having no awareness of the laning phase
    what so ever, and you demonstrate it by making this video thinking that
    what you did was somehow amazing or godlike compared to “silvers”. You had
    the kill on Naut way before you got close to the turret. And you wasted
    heal on Soraka earlier as well. Heal could’ve been saved for when you were
    1 v 2 against their jungler and Jhin. Had you not blown heal, you could’ve
    ran to your own minions trying to make Shaco take minion aggro making it a
    lot favorable trade in your part.

  34. You chased naut tho. If you just swapped you would have gotten a kill and
    gotten away. A kill on their adc as well. Then you could have pressured the
    lane from that.

  35. Eping | Gaming & More

    that lucian had heal and soraka had her flash, if he would’v attacked jhin
    and healed soraka if she was about to die, that would’v been a free kill
    for nothing, but he wanted to get a double so he gave them a double too.

  36. So let’s see. You gave first blood, dying to an invade. Despite Soraka
    using Exhaust to help save you, you used Flash instead of Heal (or both,
    whatever was necessary). Great start, let’s move on. As Soraka fucks up in
    lane and gets engaged on, you have a great chance to kill the enemy adc and
    deny him a few waves of experience, possibly 2v2 Shaco afterwards, but you
    tunnel vision on Nautilus who only dies because he’s dumb and trade double
    kills with enemy adc and give enemy jungler assists. #thingsfakerdoes

    “u should see enemy botlane is missing” – So you don’t even ping ss and you
    want to tell us this Soraka isn’t right? And let’s not go overboard here,
    she said “This fucking Lucian…” Nothing here implies she’s talking about
    how you played nor that it was after this specific play. You might just be
    an annoying, butthurt, 12 year old little shit that annoyed her in chat,
    which I’m assuming you are because you made this video and pulled things in
    chat out of context.

    Stay in silver, scrub.

  37. support mains are the assholes

  38. haha xD all noon

  39. pretty funny

  40. your focusing was wrong

  41. A real Challenger player would get a penta right there.

  42. Welcome to Silver, hope you enjoy your stay…. =_=

  43. Silver greed dumb both of ya.

  44. pretty much

  45. This is why I choose to be bronze.

  46. comments below are all about silver vs challenger and yet silvers think
    they are right

  47. Sebastian PIetrasik

    man ppls play like this i platinium or diamond so plz

  48. I do this in Diamond. Its kinda fun, but i dont flame :)

  49. Not the best Lucian, but Soraka indeed was more retarded.

  50. Bruh , happens even in diamond

  51. You fking tunnel for naut and then tell us silver in 40 sec? u fking suck

  52. The Nova Prospect (TheNovaProspect)

    To be fair… they’re both shit.

  53. It doesn’t ever truly get better. People still rage and blame at higher

  54. D1 player here. Judging by only this clip you deserve at least mid gold
    plat v division. Dunno why you so low.Maybe you play 1-2 games per day?

  55. Her tilting that hard is probably in the DSM 5

  56. Still better than Gold. i have no idea how gold players made it out of
    silver cuz they are god awful

  57. This made me laugh more than it should have.

  58. Yeah she fucked up, but you fucked up too. Shoulda let the naut go and
    stayed on the jhin

  59. You got lucky naut let you hit him.. the smarter thing to do would be
    attack the free jhin and maybe naut will come back to try help him and then
    theres a free naut kill. In the longrun it’ll work out better for you as a
    good naut will just keep running and live instead of trying to juke god
    knows what. Still a nice play regardless but try take what i said into
    consideration for gaining easy elo over time:)))

  60. im a silver player… and thats not how u play soraka :/ that soraka
    probably max Q

  61. AwakenedMachinist

    cry me a river little bronze faggot.

  62. kill jhin, let naut go base. u2 live, got all farm and won lane. but better
    chase naut. and give 2 kills and lose all farm. u both suck.

  63. bitch please typical plat game

  64. Sounds about right, besides the random plat/diamond smurfs I duo’d with
    that shouldn’t be in there elo because they played like shit in silver.

  65. 0:15 KILL JHIN

  66. Bunshorandomsletters

    you’re both shit. lol

  67. Both deserve silver

  68. Christ. Everyone played poorly in that.

  69. this is league in a nutshell

  70. Chronosphere Steen

    its always this… exacto.. this is it… support over extending or adc and
    flames the other without even seen any skillz fro mthe other side.. and
    then 10min enemy team get 3 kills and then we trade and thrn we lose.. OFC
    becus of flame and tilt

  71. Michael J. Cassizzi, Jr.

    This is fucking brilliant.

  72. What the fuck is this shit

  73. Uh, why didnt you just kill the jhin?

  74. shit editing

  75. AO Kylian - League of Legends

    Liek if you cried erytym

  76. yep that’s about right

  77. and that’s how you throw as a Lucian silver player yeah Soraka did
    something stupid but Lucian just threw it at the end by chasing instead of
    turning on jhin

  78. hey lucian, shut up, youre just as bad, you chased a naut for freaking sake
    instead of turning on jhin, where you and soraka would have still lived and
    be healthy enough to take on shaco as well, it could have been a 2-0,
    instead of a 2-2.

  79. The worst player in the clip is Garen. He didn’t tp, his bad. Report him.

  80. SuperSmokin Style

    Reddit is so tricky :)

  81. I bet you had 0 clue Shaco was there when chasing after Naut

  82. TheFreakingOne B.

    fucking great XD

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