DOOM – Official Multiplayer Trailer

DOOM’s multiplayer is not for the faint of heart. It’s bloody. It’s brutal. And it’s VERY FAST. Prepare yourself with a glimpse into DOOM’s multiplayer mayhem in the latest trailer.

Players eligible for the DOOM Beta through their purchase of Wolfenstein: The New Order, your chance to play DOOM Multiplayer is coming! We will be running the Closed Beta between March 31 and April 3. To check eligibility requirements, please visit Participants will be able to try and the recently revealed Warpath mode on maps: Heatwave and Infernal.

DOOM releases on Xbox One on Friday, May 13. Learn more about DOOM’s multiplayer, single-player, and its community tool, SnapMap, at the game’s official website,, and through featured on You can also follow DOOM through these social channels.


ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.


  1. Also. Trash that voice line “demon rune spawned!” Replace it with something
    like “Entity arrived” , “A higher power awaits” ect ect

  2. Complaining the Space Marines in Doom look like the Halo characters. Oh I’m
    afraid it’s the other way around. 😉

    Not to mention.. WTF do you expect space marines to look like? Are you
    idiots? Let’s see your design. It can’t look like the suits in crysis,
    halo, any of the new CoDs, or generic soldiers in space because those would
    be boring right?

  3. My boner got DEMON RUNE. MAH GOD!

  4. kids these days won’t even realise that this is 99% quake 3 arena.

  5. Doom>All Halo Games

  6. Awesome trailer but I’m not a fan of the commentator they have. They lack
    that “umph” you hear and feel in games like Halo, Unreal and Quake.

  7. Boomer The Womber

    Holy shit, it’s like Halo fucked Gears of War and the baby was put on

  8. this new halo update looks fun

  9. Id/Bethesda please change the announcer back to the one from the alpha
    build! it had a demon 90s feel to it, it was perfect!

  10. Da Gimp (The Gimp)

    Wow, this looks SO SHIT!

  11. Stop it already with the high-tech sounding, sophisticated announcers…
    How about a fucking demonic announcer? This is DOOM! Not halo…

  12. Armour customization?

  13. So many kids saying it looks like halo. Filthy casuals get out! This is
    some Quake arena type gameplay and it looks awesome

  14. Bard of Bualsvilla

    This is pretty much old DOOM + QUAKE but slightly slower paced. I hope the
    game allows you to bunny-hop.

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  16. Alternative title: “How to ruin a classic”

  17. Lol could they possibly pick a worse announcer?

  18. This is not doom

  19. EPIC

  20. This Doom = Halo + Evolve

  21. Emmanuel Fletcher

    If the announcer guy sounded evil or scary, that would make it much better.

  22. So…. Unreal Tournament meets Doom, with a fucking Halo-style Spartan
    soldier. Wait what?

  23. Here’s to hoping Bethesda ships pre-orders with the Betty White soundpack

  24. It looks like a fun Console Shooter, but I’m worried the PC version is
    gonna be slowed down too.

  25. If anyone says this looks like Halo…

  26. William “williambluetooth” Wood

    that demon transformation at the beginning looked like the classic Doom
    Hell Knight. AWSOME!!!

  27. Again, you came with this shitty graphics and poor animations? Isn’t it
    time for YOU PEOPLE to stop swalling these guys SHIT? This ain’t no fucking
    doom, this is a Quake Live Skin Pack.

  28. Like halo on steroids

  29. announcer voice has no impact it’s like “well this guy has a few kills or
    something” “that demon thing has spawned again”. It should be more like
    unreal tournament 3 announcer voice “MEGA KILL!!!!” “ULTRA KILL!!!!”

  30. Reted T for teen.

  31. And Dishonored 2?

  32. Only ONE word. #HYPE

  33. Дохлый Конь

    Cool and brutal

  34. Bethesda created another solid game can’t wait to get it

  35. halo 6?

  36. this game looks like halo and wolfenstein had a baby and dead island

  37. Grimm Gaming and More

    Eh, seems more like a T game than an M game

  38. I wish they stuck to their roots. The old weapon system where you could
    pick up and have all the weapons and switch freely between them and none of
    these overpowered demon runes. Shoulda kept it og Quake III/Live style and
    they would have had huge success.

  39. the people complaining are the same fags that spend $60 bucks for the same
    Call of Duty game every year

  40. Just remember Doom was before Halo everyone.

  41. ohhh myyyyyy

  42. all i care about is single player.

  43. Welcome to the Quake 3 Arena remake!

  44. fuck it….. as long as there is a actual gruesome multiplayer game now

  45. why is it named DOOM?#?????

  46. the voice is so stupid and also the design (especially the face of the
    first demon… )

  47. Didn’t realise this game was actually a quake 3 Re-boot.

    Good to know.

  48. Dragonskizi Senpai

    I could cut steel from how hard I just splooged.

  49. looks some much like halo

  50. yahnawimsayin Gaming

    I thought doom was supposed to be scary

  51. Don’t get all the Halo comparisons. If anything I was taken back to the
    good old Tribes 2 days from the gameplay and speed.

  52. everyone jumping on the ability to jump like in AWF and BO3, I’m done with
    it, The Division is the future. .see ya in the Dark Zone….

  53. Elenor The Goblin

    Ok I’m exited now. I don’t play online but this is going to be my first
    competitive online game since smash

  54. Reminds me of the upcoming Unreal Tournament.

  55. no name (incrediblyJUICY)

    This looks so sick

  56. when did they announce they were making a new unreal tournament.

  57. We are all DOOMED come May 13, 2016!

  58. Am I the only one who started to think about Quake 3 immediately?

  59. thank god that my college’s network is fast as fuck, so i can watch this
    stuff on 1080p :} ohhhh! the gore man…

  60. Big Mama (Senpai)

    the new halo looks weird

  61. My ONLY complaint, and mind you I’m one of the biggest fans of the original
    DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM 3 out there (grew up with them!), is the announcer
    voice is weak. Very minor gripe, but the one from Quake III Arena — which
    this game mode looks very similar to — was the perfect announcer voice.
    Not quite human, deep, aggressive. Otherwise the single player +
    multiplayer of this game look amazing.

  62. Looks pretty, but can I have Quake 3 announcer lines please?

  63. Looks like someone who only watched videos of DOOM2 matches had to come up
    with a multiplayer mode that would keep the ADD kids entertained.

    Looks like generic garbage.

  64. this remindes me of unreal tournament

  65. The announcer sounds as if he’s sitting down, legs crossed, sipping tea
    with his pinky extended.

  66. halo and gears had a baby?

  67. any one ever played quake? or unreal tournament? this is basically the same

  68. Bethesda as always – the best!

  69. Feel free to follow

  70. wow Halo got dark… I like it.

  71. People commenting about Halo.. Halo isn’t available on PC…. Which boggles
    my mind since Microsoft should release Halo 5 on pc to advertise windows 10
    and gaming on Windows…. Then again that’s how they got me to buy an xbox1

    But anyway, Id software helped develop this and I am looking forward to
    it.. I have halo 5 and have played it about 2 hours in the last 3 months.
    That being said I hope it’s not totally unbalanced, and plays better then
    Unreal Tournament 4

  72. not really feeling it…

  73. Although I would change the announcer’s voice to something more Doomlike
    like the Quake one or the one from Skulltag (the old one, the new one is a
    yelling dumbass)

  74. WOW !!! good job bethesda

  75. all FPS looks the same

  76. Romero will be proud

  77. Fine. I’ll get it.

  78. looks like quake ??

  79. So edgy halo?

  80. Kegan Lacroix (KRL)

    new school Unreal Tournament?

  81. what a gay VO

  82. Nicholas Robinson

    so true

  83. Sick!

  84. Rawr :c

  85. so halo but with demons?

  86. JuniusLJonesThe2nd


  87. Just cum all over my screen ?

  88. I really loved this trailer.

  89. *WE*

  90. Halo is really earning that M rating

  91. please… PLEASE! rat kids stay away

  92. “M for blood and gore and intense violence”

    Gee, no kidding :D

  93. Very good.

  94. PC requirements. Over clocked dual 6 core Xeon processor at 6 ghz video
    card 4 sli Titan x. Ram requirements. 64 gigs of ram.

  95. Pedro Henrique Nunes França

    New Quake

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