Smash 4 Melee HD Mod – Beta Release Trailer

The Melee HD Mod dev team has released the beta to the public. This version includes wavedashing, L-cancelling, crouch cancelling, and the same physics as melee.

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Download in the Discord server:

by user ‘Raw Input’ in our discord.
Song used : The Prototypes – Rocket Guns Blazin’ (Crissy Criss + Malux + Erb N Dub Remix)


  1. TheHomeschooledGamer

    heck yeah

  2. Best christmas present ever

  3. A little rough around the edges but its still at lot closer than I imagined, this is great

  4. I might not be a competive person and not really someone who cares that much about all theses techs and stuff (i just play it for fun) but it looks great either way. it looks really fun.

    I’d play it but its been a while since i’ve tried play mods on sm4sh. that and im pal so its much harder.

    either way, good job.

  5. merry christmas

  6. Fucking Melee fans

  7. SυανeVıłłαıи™

    I like the idea of this mod but why change dk back to melee dk lol?

  8. Smash 4 Melee HD Mod

    We’re still hard at work on improving everything that we can about it – including a name change in the works, skins, and new animations. Look forward to the full 1.0 release! Regardless, Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

  9. so is this Project M for Wii U

  10. spencer craig craig

    i am calling nintendo right now mister

  11. So reverting characters back to their melee movesets only applies to the characters you don’t give a shit about, like DK, got it

  12. why tf would you revert Bowser and Dk?. Like who actually thought that was a good idea?

  13. Why does every game has to be melee?

  14. Mod is stupid and bad.

    Smash 4 has amazing visual effects an animations, easily the best in the series and yet they’re totally absent? Melee didn’t have choppy animations and poor vfx because it made the game better, guys. It had them because the game was developed in 11 months. And changing characters like Bowser and Donkey Kong to be inherently less fun and less good simply because that’s how they were in Melee? If I wanted to play bad versions of Bowser and DK I would just play Melee. In my opinion just give me the wavedash, and dashdance mod and call it a day. The character moveset changes are disgusting

  15. I think it’s cool that you’re bringing back Melee mechanics, but I don’t think every Smash 4 character who was a Melee character should go back to their OG movesets. Some moves were better in Melee, and some moves were better in Smash 4. Find a balance if you can.

    Also, will this game have online functionality?

  16. Yet another individual(s) who fail to realize that you shouldn’t say any-fucking-thing until you have a release! That CnD’s coming, and this’ll be all for nothin’.

  17. This looks amazing.

    Please call it Smash 4XM.

  18. _All melee characters have been reverted to their old mo-_


  19. I hope you will delete all areas but Final Destination, and delete all the characters but Fox. Without these 2 tweaks, it is not Melee as we intend to play it. Please fixe this. I don’t want to see fucking Donkey Kong.

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