Hearthstone: Pirate OTK Combo

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Argh! What more did you expect?
Avast Matey! Oh sorry, anyways for this special combo you are going to need a couple of things. One, a love for pirates, two, a one turn tick of Emperor Thaurissan on most of your combo, and three, a lot of patience. After that jump up in the air for a solid three minutes as you realize you have finally pulled off this ridiculous combo.

Deck List:

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Tips and Tricks:
I do not recommend this. It’s such a outrageous combo that it is nearly impossible to pull off. However, if you wish to torture yourself with this endeavor I advice not using this in ranked. Play to control the board and treat yourself to sixty packs if you do manage to pull off the combo. That’s what I did!

Music Used:
– Amazing Plan by Kevin Macleod
– Surrender the Booty by Cataclysm Soundtrack

Pretty Legit.


  1. He’s back!

  2. The placement though Kreygasm.

  3. I loved the symmetry on that board.

  4. Symmetry on board makes it to much more polished.

  5. shoulda called the video ‘Broadside’

  6. That symetry as well….maan looked like a scene from movie!

  7. That is the coolest OTK I’ve ever seen just because pirates

  8. Sweet combo!

  9. not gona lie thought it was the OTK weapon pirate concept for warrior that
    will be possible in old gods

  10. Loving the symmetry.

  11. my favorite thing about this is that he kept the board symmetrical

  12. Oh my god it looks so great. Nice.

  13. That was fucking beautiful.

  14. Best. OTK. EVER. This is just Glorious, cannon firing, pirates , and that
    Kragg. Beautiful

  15. Jorge Matias BARATA CARRILHO

    Perfect presentation ! Congrats

  16. I’ve tried doing this only with south sea captains it never seemed to work
    out for me glad someone else made it work

  17. This is art

  18. I just came so hard.

  19. Welcome back! I don’t know why you left, awesome YT content! This look fun

  20. I was really hoping instead of the smiley face you would have said “yar,”
    just think of the pirate BM.

  21. :)


  23. that’s beautiful

  24. Super consistent and reliable to pull off. I see this dominating the WoG

  25. Man, that was one of the greatest (if not the greatest) OTK combo I have
    ever seen!
    I don’t want to know how many tries it took to achieve it, but was awsome
    to watch!

  26. lol im better than you faggot lol 1v1 hahahahahhahahahaaha

  27. wrong cardback im disappointed….

  28. It’s…. It’s beautiful

  29. dat bombardment

  30. Don’t tell Blizzard, or skycaptain will be a 3 mana 2/3 minion that gives
    your pirates with charge +1 attack

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