My best U.R.F 2016 experience


  1. That Lucian must be fun at parties

  2. when NA tries to beat any team at worlds

  3. Urgh, the enemy team is just too dumb to follow up on what fun is

  4. 2:49 Singed the saviour

  5. meanwhile Galio at the back, chased down and killed anivia twice

  6. If you check the replay you will see that they were trolling Talon the
    whole game by not letting him get out of base until he ragequitted. They
    quenued together to troll a random person so I don’t blame Galio or Lucian
    for killing the trolls.

  7. Fuck this Galio and fuck that Lucian.

  8. Only 3 people getting assists…

  9. fuck you lucian

  10. Hate how the video is all singed laughs and xerath shouts xP

  11. Nice job guys :D

  12. that was an experience

  13. LOL this was great

  14. 2:47 : WTF GRAGAS
    2:49 : SAVED

  15. best video yet.


  17. Lucian is tha real mvp! Fuck the troll team

  18. Dude you need to learn to goo flip :’)

  19. dafuq was that :DD

  20. future world peace confirmed.

  21. true dmg confirmed op

  22. why talon doesnt lose hp? wtf

  23. That was hilarious.

  24. Holyshit what a boring enemy team…

  25. Fucking Lucian

  26. People like Lucian and Galio are the reason the community of this game is
    so utterly fucked. These people are so broken that they can’t even stop for
    a second from trying to prove ..something.

  27. I’m trying to figure out why the Talon was basically invincible…do AFKers
    become invincible?

  28. so good

  29. Nimeni Niciodată

    Haha so hard to kill talon :))


  31. That fucking Lucian….

  32. Typical scambags pick Anivia, Trundle and Tahm kench then call out someone

  33. I missed it but, how was the Talon unkillable? Through hacks?

  34. why would anyone pick anivia, trundle and kench and troll? where is the fun
    part? this is so autistic

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