URF Lee Sin Montage Bubba Kush

Hey guys, please enjoy my montage i had alot of fun making it, dont forget to like, share and subscribe
Songs Used:
Tristam – Till It’s Over
Jo Cohen & Sex Whales – We Are
Thankyou bros for watching, have a great day


  1. I love the unnecessary Ward hops lmao

  2. Keep in mind that he’s blind while doing all of that.

  3. 0:46 how did that Q even hit? pause and it hits the minion.

  4. By far the best Lee Sin in the world.

  5. Akzidenz Grotezk - League of Legends

    One of the few really fun champs to play on URF, good job dude!

  6. how many fingers do they have lmao

  7. Enrique Férnandez

    nice montage gripex

  8. Keli Da Silva Dos Santos

    opa fion

  9. Amazing’

  10. I want to do that plays but i play using my laptop and my mouse/ buttons
    are piece of shit

  11. You’re just a God man. Nothing more to say!

  12. OMG!!! Y pensaba q lee sin era inutil en urf…. pobre maokai de seguro se
    mareo con esa jugada….

  13. dude idc what the other (challenjour) lee sin main said, your a fucking god
    no matter what elo …………….nuff said. :D

  14. 全部瞎子我就服你!

  15. good editing but play ranked and get somewhere. Making plays on silver
    players especially on oceania isnt impressive.

  16. the play at 3:10 honesty sick

  17. I would rage quit so fast if any of these things happened to me

  18. Thủy Nguyễn Trí

    what is your stream link ??

  19. is that him ?? man im sure .. you are not a normal Human holy shit!!! i
    swear i watched that video 87 times ..

  20. Dayum son. You have some sweet ass moves! Would love to see more of vids
    like these!

  21. lol that poppy play at 1:30 was against us ( I was hecarim ) we beat bubba
    Kush and he raged very sore looser but freak playerxD

  22. wowowowowowow

  23. Please play ranked you’re a fucking monster dude.

  24. Eres muy bueno wn, bubba eres mejro que gripex Uu

  25. That is some fancy footwork man

  26. 0:49 music,pls ??

  27. This was great Kush, and i love this song either way so it made it great
    for me

  28. wow so cool to watch

  29. Nice one ;)

  30. you are the god

  31. 3:45 WTF?! holy moly

  32. 3:25 ? WTF

  33. fucking god <3

  34. Wow, omg

  35. So smooth lol

  36. had to mute the music you have put underneath tho

  37. u must 1v1 with gripex

  38. Low elo overrated

  39. Héctor “Rajo99” Rajo


  40. Prapare your Anus

    Amazing skills

  41. nice ping

  42. how do you constantly have full energy and 45% cdr? The replays seems

  43. Ive seen many LoL montages in my life, and this is one of the most
    impressive mechanics ive ever seen

  44. Not sure if he is predicting some of the stuff or just being fancy. Either
    way nice plays want to see more!

  45. Nimeni Niciodată

    this Lee is a killing machine

  46. The only problem is Bubba Kush just plays vs silvers… His main accounts
    solo queue rank is silver…

  47. hay quá

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