Halo Infinite | Campaign Gameplay Trailer

In Halo Infinite’s campaign, the Master Chief returns when humanity’s fate hangs in the balance to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced – the Banished.

The legendary Halo series returns with the most expansive Master Chief story yet. Enjoy a first-look at Halo Infinite campaign gameplay, captured real-time and representative of the experience on Xbox Series X running at 60FPS and up to 4K resolution.

Learn more about Halo Infinite: https://aka.ms/CampaignEvolved

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  1. 0:40
    “Become the hope”

    *Flying grunt*

  2. “Flying suicide grunt doesn’t exist, it can’t hurt you”

    Flying suicide grunt: 0:41

  3. Suicide flying grunts is the replacement for granades

  4. Dragonflame 2524

    “Humans called you their savior. The Covenant, demon. The Banished, prey.”
    God I love that line.

    • BretonFou they are still canon,

    • Biomechanical Brick

      @justkiddingdao 343i said Halo Infinite is a sequel to Halo 5 yet you won’t need to play Halo 5 to understand Halo Infinite’s story. Sort of a spiritual reboot that fits into the old canon yet has a pretty self-contained story.

    • Thank you to Bill Gates for realising this masterpiece, Doom Eternal was doomed as soon as the numpties atop ID Software “did over” the original creative energy source. Betraying the true author will write you into a corner real quick.

    • Why? It’s so cringy…

    • ultimate 343 cringe

  5. 0:41 he shows true devotion and faith.

  6. Brute: picks up Grunt


    Brute: yeet

    Grunt: RAAAAAAAH

  7. Halo 5 campaign: Am I a joke to you?
    Anyone who has played a Halo campaign: Yes

  8. Gameplay sure looks fun, it seems to have some DOOM inspirations, I can’t pin-point where exactly but maybe it’s because of the enemy variety and the fast fire speed, but I liked what I saw in terms of gameplay

    • @EpiDemic117 what? 1-3 had zero character development for chief what so ever. The story was FUN. but incredibly basic and straight forward. There were no character development in any of those games what so ever.

      The world and gameplay is what held up the stories of the original trilogy. Not some masterpiece in story telling. In fact, the only character development we get from chief is from halo 4. Chief and Cortana get character development.

    • @Bob Dylan Ye know, Halo fans will always find something to complain about.

    • Bob Dylan there’s no character development? Maybe not for chief but for every other main character yes. Arbiter is just one example.

    • @Shizno

      Only the arbiter, and I could argue that it was relatively minimum. He acts the same but his ‘beliefs’ changed in halo 2, in 3 is where he has a bit more of character development. Everyone else behaves the same for all the story.

      You only mentioned the most obvious example, but who else had character development?
      I can think of Johnson but he didnt have character development, just more ‘protagonism’.

    • @Bob Dylan not true at all. The story arc between the original 3 trilogies was very deep as a consequence for bugie employing very good writers at the time. Nobody had ever taken aliens in a videogame before and made them religious genociding zealots over a false belief that the forerunenrs where somehow gods and out of fears that the humans where the actual chosen ones which would break the covenant. Usually before that it was just “aliens invade earth and kill humans to experiment or harvest on them”

      That alone added much more 3 conditionality to the storyline and gave actual purpose and reasoning behind their motives.

  9. *Looks at Doom Eternal*

    What if Chief had a grappling hook

    • I wished it would happen when playing Doom Eternal

    • Fun fact:
      On Doom’s canon the Doom Slayer could actually be the Master Chief.

    • @Jahieru Arusera well tho it’s not canon, I always think that the Librarian actually implanted Doomguy’s genes in John. John is BJ Blazkowicz VII. Doomguy accidentally encountered the Librarian when his portal device malfunctioned and donated his genes. The genes were then implanted in John.

    • @Yoda

      Yeah it would be cool.
      And since the forerunners do actually look like the makyr and the angels in general it would kinda make sense.
      But I would still like the master chief to either be doomguy or be a clone of him at least.

    • @Jahieru Arusera or it could be that Doomguy’s body died , and his soul got reincarnated as MasterChief in a different universe, where he now kills the covenant when angry and learnt to live among other humans too

      And when the moment comes, he’s gonna start ripping the flood out. I would be extremely happy if 343 and id software somehow found a way to link doomguy and MasterChief. Those og fans won’t be happy, but I will lol

  10. Pepsi Maximum Taste Zero Sugar

    This looks way better than the live demo wtf

  11. Honestly I think this is one of Chief’s best designs.

    • JuICyBLiiiiiiinGeR

      I’m just here for you to come back to. When this game fails.. and it will. I’ll be laughing at you all. I gave up giving a f about halo when they changed everything in halo 4 or f’ed MCC.. you trust the same people who’ve been taking your money and respect and delivering horseshit quality in every one of their games. Also just don’t disagree with fat snickerdoodle.. they block everyone who hates halo to create an echo chamber of morons to repeat their idiotic posts.

    • Get cancer

    • agreed. the big “117” on his chest is in my oppinion a bit too much but that’S just me nitpicking honestly. the design of the armor itself is simply perfect in my eyes, really!

    • never got why people liked Halo it’s garbage

    • I can’t deny that Chief’s armor looks sick but the Elite’s armour design is bad .
      Their armor looks like plastic and the grunt’s armour as well .
      I hope they can change it before they launch the full game on holiday.

  12. this definitely looks more detailed than the gameplay demo, there’s still hope afterall

  13. This trailer looks so much better than the gameplay demo!

    • Right? I don’t get why the lighting is so much better here, even though its the same gameplay

    • Demo is being reported to be over 6 months old. My guess is they weren’t trying to prepare a demo as much as get them game done thanks to Covid.

    • @Rishi Mereddy Pretty sure what we see in this video is a newer build than, the one they used for the 8 minutes of gamepley.

  14. As someone who’s first FPS was halo ce and halo 2, I held a high standing for the halo series at a young age and I believe the last “good” halo game was reach and halo 3 + ODST. I’m skeptical about this game but I will say that this looks like a better direction then halo 4 and 5. Looking forward to it!

    • @Luna Grace naw halo 4 had a way better campaign than halos 1-3. Just story and character is just way better.

    • @The Eyebrow in my opinion the best halo games are halo reach , halo 3 and halo 4.
      I played halo 4 campaign 6 times man the game was awesome.

    • Julián Del Gobbo

      @Hazem Ahmed glad to see some love for Halo 4, I think the campaign was awesome as well!

    • @Julián Del Gobbo yeah especially the last mission it was legendary and the soundtrack too.
      The soundtrack is still in my ears until now.

    • @The Eyebrow johnson and the Arbiter were the only two interesting characters outside of Reach … idk even remember H4/4 plot tbh

  15. One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates. Non-Duality.

  16. When the 20 second trailer is 10x better than the 8 minutes of gameplay in the main showcase

  17. I could be in denial here, but when Sega fixed Sonic the Hedgehog’s design, a bunch of people theorised that the original Sonic design was intentionally bad, for marketing purposes. Maybe Halo Infinite’s done the same thing?

    • You’re right but

      Yeah maybe they’re trying to maximize controversy or something? I really can’t think of why they would show such a dated build of the game otherwise.

  18. I see Chief has taken some inspiration from his old friend the DoomSlayer with the hook

  19. I would rather the trailer say:
    “Become the Hero”
    “Become the Hope”
    “To save the galaxy”

  20. “Don’t mess with halo fans,
    we only care about graphics.”

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